Afia Schwarzenegger Strips Down For Sudsy Bubble Bath In Sultry Instagram Snapshot

Instagram queen Afia Schwarzenegger has been attracting a bit of controversy as late, being purportedly excoriated by a number of media outlets in Africa for a very racy, very provocative set of photos which she recently shared to Instagram. Taking to the popular social media platform earlier this week, Afia shared a series of three images in which she posed in a bathtub while covered in soapy suds and bubbles. Wearing a set of skimpy lingerie, or at times, opting to go nearly nude — Afia Schwarzenegger certainly knows how to agitate her audience, provoking both them and her various critics into action.

In this particular series of images, the controversial beauty can be seen enjoying a luxurious bath while donning a set of elaborate crimson lingerie. In the first picture, Afia looks over her shoulder as she closes her eyes in a sultry expression, her lips parted and painted a pretty pink shade.

Her shocked-blonde hair is tinted with a bit of pink, and the model has chosen to accessorize the look with various ear piercings as well as a set of luxurious false eyelashes. A faint tattoo of what appears to a butterfly is visible on her strong back. Later images in the series show her donning a set of long black tresses, as well as representing some Queen Khadi shower gel in a clear promotional effort.

In the third snapshot, Afia Schwarzenegger can be seen mostly submerged in the water, with bright yellow flower petals scattered across her bare backside.

In the caption of the image, Afia makes light of the controversy surrounding her so-called “naked” pictures, revealing that these shots were done while clothed in a bikini — and were part of a professional endorsement campaign.

Despite having been posted recently, the image has already attracted an outsized amount of attention. Over 20,000 Instagram fans gave the Ghanian beauty a like on her photos, and more than 600 users took the time to write her a note in the appropriate section.

One user wrote, “Chai, this is hot,” while another admirer quipped, “Beautiful body.”

Afia Schwarzenegger has been making headlines most recently for criticizing media personality Prince Tsegah, per Yen. While the source of the dispute is unclear, what is clear is that Afia was quite blunt in her response to the notion of appearing on Tsegah’s radio show. In a quoted Instagram post, Afia made it quite clear — in extremely explicit terms — that she was not interested in the opportunity.

“I was told something called Prince Tsegah wants to interview me on Hitz fm on saturday…. Dear Multi-media if i have nothing doing i will stay home AND masturbate… i am so sure my pu**y is not tired of me!!!!!”