'The View' Hosts Criticize Ivanka Trump's Effort to Avoid Testifying in Father Donald Trump's Trial

'The View' Hosts Criticize Ivanka Trump's Effort to Avoid Testifying in Father Donald Trump's Trial
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The hosts of The View unraveled a scathing commentary on Ivanka Trump’s attempt to dodge the bullet of testifying in her father’s civil fraud trial. As her brothers took the stand in the high-profile trial, Ivanka filed a request to pause the proceedings, citing a struggle due to her scheduled testimony coinciding with a school week. The View panel had an exchange regarding this incident, slamming Ivanka’s move and underscoring its audacity. Host Sara Haines expressed astonishment at Ivanka’s attempt to sway the court’s summons, drawing a comparison between Ivanka's attempt and a scene from the TV show "30 Rock" featuring Liz Lemon, humorously asserted “When I saw this, I was like, it’s not jury duty. You’re being subpoenaed by a court of law, You don’t get to be Liz Lemon coming in looking like Princess Leia to get out of it.”

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Haines has particularly condemned Ivanka’s assertion of ‘undue hardship’ due to the scheduled testimony happening in the middle of a school week. She highlighted Ivanka’s extensive globe-trotting, “All I could think about is the globe-trotting she did when she had her position in the White House, she’d go for seven to nine days.” This seemingly contradicts her claim of hardship. Showcasing her disbelief at the reasoning behind Ivanka’s request, Haines pointed out the apparent tone-deafness and insult in the attempt to avoid testifying. Ana Navarro, another host dismissed the nature of Ivanka’s reasoning, citing her frequent back-and-forth travel, Navarro exclaimed, “Girl, I fly back and forth between Miami and New York at least twice a week,” Navarro said. “And I don’t have a private jet or $2 billion from the Saudis. So I think you can do it for one day.” She pointed out that Ivanka being privileged should manage to comply for just a day.

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According to the sources of The Wrap, Hostin, a co-host on The View suggested that former President Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka was leveraging the excuse of being a mother trying to juggle parenting and her duties as a witness. Hostin raised a crucial point that amid her father’s legal challenges, Ivanka seems to remain relatively unscarred. She hinted at a potential forthcoming scenario where Ivanka might need to invoke the Fifth Amendment to avoid self-incrimination when she testifies.

Cover Image Source: Getty Images| Photo by Alexandra Beier
Image Source: Getty Images| Photo by Alexandra Beier

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On The View, the discussion revolving around Ivanka’s move underscored the hypocrisy and perceived privilege in Ivanka’s attempt to avoid testifying in the ongoing trial. The hosts criticized the attempt, highlighting the apparent contradictions between her past frequent extensive travel plans and the claim of undue hardship due to a single day's court appearance. The panel emphasized the importance of accountability, particularly given the gravity of the trial and the legal scrutiny surrounding the former President's family.

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