Trump Ignores FBI Role In Stopping San Francisco Terror Plot, Continues Criticism [Opinion]

Caroline KasterAP Images

Americans have developed a certain sense of dread going into major holidays and activities, wondering when or if another major event or another metropolitan location will be the scene of a terrorist attack.

Christmas was relatively quiet in the United States this year and for that, you can thank the FBI.

Our president did not manage to offer one word in support of the FBI, even after it was revealed on December 22 that our nation’s top law enforcement team had thwarted a planned terrorist attack on San Francisco.

On that day, and on the four days since, as noted in the Washington Post, other media outlets, and of course, on the president’s Twitter account, Donald Trump has offered numerous tweets about the FBI, including one this morning, but not one of them has been an expression of thanks for saving him and the nation from another tragedy.

Instead, Trump has continued his efforts to destroy faith in the FBI and the Justice Department through a series of tweets designed to make it appear that our nation’s entire law enforcement and intelligence communities are engaged in a “deep state” conspiracy to destroy him and his presidency.

Today, it was a return to the infamous dossier that contains allegations that the Russians have worked long and hard to bring Donald Trump into their fold. It also contains claims about Trump and his alleged dealings with Russian prostitutes that initially drew more attention, but have not been confirmed.

Trump called the FBI “tainted” and said it could not verify what was in the dossier.

That certainly is a far cry from thanking the agents for stopping a terrorist attack.

Two days ago, Trump tweeted that “People are proud to be saying Merry Christmas again,” but no mention of those who helped ensure that San Franciscans remained safe through the holidays.

In other tweets since the arrest of potential terrorist Everitt Aaron Jameson was announced, Trump has offered criticism of Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe and General Counsel James Baker.

You won’t find the FBI agents complaining about their lack of recognition from the president. That’s not what FBI agents do.

They investigate and don’t say much of anything until they have completed the job (with the exception of former FBI Director James Comey’s announcements about Hillary Clinton’s emails).

Four days ago, a Department of Justice news release revealed that Jameson, a 26-year-old Modesto, California resident was arrested before he could execute a Christmas plot to attack Pier 39 in San Francisco because it was heavily crowded, which would enable him to kill more people.

This restaurant is in the area targeted for a terrorist attack, according to the FBI.Featured image credit: Eric RisbergAP Images

Thankfully, as he began embracing a jihad philosophy, one of the people Jameson spoke to about it was a confidential FBI source.

Jameson told the source he approved of the October 31 terrorist attack in New York City and later spoke to that source and another confidential source who Jameson believed was connected to top ISIS officials about his plans for San Francisco.

When federal agents executed a search warrant of the ex-Marine’s home, they found guns, ammunition and a farewell letter, in which Jameson wrote, “You have all brought this upon yourselves.”

There would have been a time, not too long ago, that news of an arrest in a terrorist plot against one of our nation’s biggest cities would have led the newscasts for days, if not weeks.

That was before the time of Trump.

That was back when presidents, no matter which political party they belonged to, respected the people who have pledged to keep our nation safe.

That was a time when the president did not refer to the FBI as “tainted” or as an organization that is “in tatters.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions praised the FBI in the Justice Department news release.

“Today, our incredible law enforcement officers have once again helped thwart an alleged plot to kill Americans. I want to thank the FBI agents and federal prosecutors and everyone else who helped make this possible. The threat from radical Islamic terrorism is real—and it is serious—but the American people can be assured that the Department of Justice remains vigilant in protecting our homeland.”

With that kind of radical thinking, it is a wonder Sessions has managed to last a year as attorney general. What it shows is that Sessions recognizes the value of people who recognize threats to our nation and stand as our best defense against them.

Perhaps Donald Trump understands that, too.

No wonder he’s upset with the FBI.