Kelly Sildaru In Bikini Shows 'California Love'

Kelly Sildaru | Instagram


Here’s a trivia for you; where do the words Surfboard, Bikini, Beach, and Sexy Woman come together? If your answer didn’t land in California, you need more time outside, or better yet, on Kelly Sildaru’s Instagram account.

Last week, the ten-times Olympic gold medalist skier shared some California love with her friends and family. She also set a new record as the youngest woman with the most medals at X-games.

California Love

The 20-year-old X-games champion sizzled in a red-hot bikini, baring her shredded abs as she backed a giant surfboard. Surfing seems to be in trend for skiers and other athletes as the Estonian joins Mikaela Shiffrin and CrossFit athlete Sara Sigmundsdóttir in adopting the wave-riding hobby.

Kelly’s bikini top is a thin strap U-cut with a cutesy string bow in the center. She hikes her right leg by leaning her foot on the blue and white surfboard while beaming in a Red Bull white visor. The Estonian skier shines bright in the center of a faded palm tree backdrop.


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Welcome To L.A

Kelly, 20, arrives in L.A. in tourist-casual fashion jean shorts, dark sunshades, and a white high-neck top. Her bleached blonde hair falls in straight waves to her side as she beams at the camera. Kelly “had a fun week in L. A.” and capped it with a post of herself on a bicycle. She wore boyfriend jeans, a baggy dress shirt, blue and white Nikes, a white backpack, and her trusted Red Bull visor. The camera captured her smile in the sunset perfectly, but Kelly had no idea the X-games had other plans for her.

Most Medals In HalfPipe For A Teen

“What a night. So grateful to be here X-games and put down a winning run in the halfpipe, it feels so amazing,” Kelly wrote after her impressive run in the halfpipe competition. She further wished her coach Mihkel Ustav, a happy birthday amid bragging over her record-breaking achievement. “Now I have the most medals as a teen in X-games history – wow!” she wrote. “Also, happy birthday to my partner in crime. What a wonderful gift for him.”

Withdrawal From The X-Games

Sildaru won her sixth gold medal in the Aspen X-games but skipped her second run after falling on her first rail. Even though Ustav assured the press and fans that there wasn’t any serious bodily harm, the skier withdrew from the Superpipe competition. There are speculations that Kelly chose to reserve her strength for the Olympics starting on Feb 3.