"The Morning Show" Season 3 Renewed With New Showrunner!

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Jennifer Aniston and her crew at The Morning Show are set to return for a third season with a new showrunner.

The drama series, which is also produced by Jennifer Aniston along with co-star Reese Witherspoon, got its first renewal since it was first picked up for two seasons.

Fans are excited to see what happens next, especially after the season 2 finale that ended with a major cliffhanger. If you aren't caught up yet, warning - spoilers ahead.

Scroll down to see what we know so far.

Season 2 Ending

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Season 2 had a lot of drama to unpack and Alex Levy is in the midst of it all.

After just having overcome the grief of losing Mitch, and suffering a breakdown, the season ends with Alex testing positive for COVID-19, which she picked up from her trip to Italy.

“It was relentless! Honestly, I did think at one point the writers were trying to kill me!” Aniston joked in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Rising Like A Phoenix

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Former showrunner Kerry Ehrin explained her take on Alex experiencing symptoms, saying it was a symbolism for something more significant to her story.

“The fever to me was almost representative as a fire that burned her, and she rises out of it like a phoenix with a better sense of her true self and the person she wants to be,” Ehrin said in an interview.

'The Morning Show' Season 3 Confirmed

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The show is officially confirmed to be returning on Apple TV+ for season 3 but this time with new showrunner Charlotte Stoudt, who has written for Homeland and Fosse/Verdon. Kerry Ehrin will serve as a consultant on season 3.

"We're excited to see where Charlotte takes these extraordinary characters in season three and to watch the magic that Jennifer, Reese and our awe-inspiring cast continue to bring to the captivating world of morning television," Apple TV+ executive Matt Cherniss said in a statement.

What Will Happen In Season 3?

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Details about the upcoming season haven't been revealed yet but the show will most likely focus on the aftermath of Alex's COVID-19 illness, as well as tying up Bradley and Cory's loose ends.

There is also a possibility that season 3 will be backtracking to earlier days. Ehrin has previously hinted that the range of scenarios for the next season is endless.

"You could [jump into the future]. You could go backwards. It's such an interesting little universe. You really can put it anywhere in time, and I think the challenge of the show is coming up with that big subject," Ehrin explained.