Former NBA Champion Makes Bold Prediction About Ja Morant's Future

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Five years ago, not many people knew who Ja Morant was.

Morant wasn't even supposed to be scouted when he got people's attention at Murray State, as he was often overlooked and not taken seriously as an NBA prospect.

Fast-forward to today and the young Memphis Grizzlies star has proven to be not only the best player in his class ahead of Zion Williamson but also one of the league's finest entertainers.

Despite his youth, Morant is already a respected figure around the Association, with his colleagues showering him in praise after every battle.

Kendrick Perkins Says Ja Morant Will Be The New Giannis

The 22-years-old keeps getting better every day and it's impossible not to tip your hat off to him.

Recently, former NBA champion turned analyst Kendrick Perkins shared his thoughts on Morant.

According to the retired big man, Morant has all the makings to become the next Giannis Antetokounmpo of the league.

"People keep saying rising superstar, I think he's already at that level. In my opinion, I'm looking at Ja Morant, and he's going to be in my opinion the next Giannis of the NBA," Perkins said on ESPN.

Perkins Says Morant Is A 'Young Killer'

Per Perkins, Morant has the mindset of a leader and is the kind of young player who would rather stay in a small market and turn it into a powerhouse, rather than leaving to play for a contender:

"I'm not just talking about individual accolades," Perkins continued. "But when I look at this young leader, this young killer. If I had to bet all the money in the world, he will be the next superstar to lead a franchise, a small-market franchise to winning a championship. All the other players to do that over the last 10 years are: LeBron James, yeah in Cleveland. But Giannis, and then it's gonna be Ja Morant. That's how special of a talent he is."

Kevin Durant Praises Morant's Development

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Even Kevin Durant has been in awe of Morant's breakout.

Not so long ago, the two-time NBA champion raved about how he's in control of the game and how he continues to get better:

"He’s just controlling the games," Durant said. "Always been an efficient player who can run the point guard spot, but he’s developed into a major scorer as well. He just plays with great pace out there, plays with joy and enthusiasm, and you see him blossoming in front of our eyes. I mean since college he's been on this trajectory, and as a basketball fan you can't wait to see what it's like years going forward."

Morant Wins Back-To-Back WC Player Of The Week Awards

Ja Morant isn't just another prospect right now, he's a reality, and he's turned the Grizzlies into must-watch TV.

He's now won back-to-back Western Conference Player of the Week awards after averaging averaged 25 points, 6.8 assists, 6.3 rebounds, and 1.0 blocks per game on 51.4% shooting, leading the Grizzlies to a 5-0 week and posting perhaps the most impressive block of the season.

The Grizzlies are currently 4th in the West and ready to make a deep playoff push, so don't sleep on this young killer anymore.