Pregnant Woman Dead After Road Rage Incident

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Damir Mujezinovic

Road rage incidents happen on a daily basis across the United States, and are thought to be one of the leading causes of vehicle crashes.

Unfortunately, road range incidents sometimes end tragically, with impulsive drivers resorting to violence to solve their disputes.

One such incident recently took place in Orange City, Florida -- it resulted in a shooting, and in the death of 35-year-old librarian Sara Nicole Morales.

But what exactly happened? How did Morales die, and who shot her? Find out below.

What Happened?

As Law & Crime reported, police say that around the 1400 block of N. Volusia Avenue Morales hit a motorcyclist with her vehicle on purpose.

This was just a minor crash, and the motorcyclist -- identified as 40-year-old Andrew Derr, did not sustain any injuries.

However, Derr and a witness tried to get Morales to stop at an intersection. Instead of pulling over, she made a left turn. Derr and the witness then decided to follow her.

The two men followed Morales to her home, and called 911.

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As Derr and the witness were speaking with the dispatcher, Morales entered her home. She then stepped outside and pointed a handgun at them, according to police.

"You followed me to my house! You are three men, and you followed me!" Morales shouted at them, according to 911 audio.

Derr, who had a valid Florida Concealed weapons permit, drew his gun and fired multiple rounds at Morales direction.

Morales was transported to a hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries. She was five months pregnant.

Orange City Police Department

"Verbal contact was made with Morales for her to pull over for the arrival of law enforcement. Morales refused and was able to make the left turn onto E. Wisconsin Ave when traffic permitted," the Orange City Police Department said in a statement.

"Morales traveled to 1052 E Wisconsin Ave. Derr and witnesses followed Morales in attempt to help identify her for law enforcement. They stopped in the roadway in front of 1052 E. Wisconsin Ave, calling 911 to have law enforcement respond to this location," the department added.

Bodycam Footage

[Fox 5 New York][YouTube]

As Fox 35 reported, new bodycam footage shows what happened when cops arrived at the scene.

In the video, Derr is seen laying on the ground and complying with cops' orders.

"Please don't shoot me! That girl tried to kill me. She pointed a gun at me," he tells the two officers approaching him.

"I'm so sorry," Derr repeatedly says, telling the officers that there were other people armed with guns too.

The investigation is ongoing, and no one has been charged with a crime yet.