Halsey Bravely Celebrates Underwear-Clad Stretch Marks After Baby


Rebecca Cukier

Halsey is embracing their post-partum body by going unfiltered in revealing underwear and being 100% okay with never having their "pre baby body back." The 27-year-old singer, recently in the news for joining Kim Kardashian for last weekend's SNL show, is fresh from an Instagram post marking the reality of motherhood, with a series of shots taking fans from pregnancy to how things look now.

Halsey stated that "no matter" what they do, "people are going to talk about my body."

Body Comments 'Weird'


Scroll for the photos. Halsey, who welcomed son Ender in July 2021, opened with a massive baby bump flaunt as they rocked a brown sports bra and slouchy dark sweatpants for a bathroom selfie.

The bump was still therein the second photo, one showing the "Without Me" hit-maker in mismatched and high-waisted maternity underwear, with anyone swiping eventually seeing how Halsey looks now.

The mom of one made a point of highlighting their stretch marks, with a lengthy caption explaining more.

People Telling Them How 'Good' They Look

Addressing fans, Halsey stated: "I did SNL two nights ago and a lot of people were quick to say how good I looked. That was a weird feeling. My body has felt like a stranger’s for a long time. I uphold myself to honesty to the point of over sharing sometimes but this feels important."

The body-positive star, who documented their pregnancy on Instagram and has since shared breast-feeding photos, continued: "A lot of people don’t know that you still look pregnant for a while after." More after the gallery, where you can swipe.

No 'Intention' Of Working Out

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The non-binary star, born Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, confirmed they have no interest in pinging back into shape via exercise, stating:

"I have no interest in working out right now. I’m too tired and too busy playing with my darling son. With that being said, the body behind all those compliments the other night was wearing a custom tailored outfit and lighted perfectly after much testing, so I could feel good and do my job. I do not want to feed the Illusion that you’re meant to feel and look “great” immediately postpartum."

Will 'Never' Have Old Body Back

And Halsey is A-Ok with it. The About-Face founder told her followers: " I will never have my “pre baby body back” no matter how it changes physically because I have now had a baby."

Halsey gained over 1.5 million likes in two hours, also catching a like from fellow mom, Jamie Lynn Spears. The singer was called "awesome" by her fanbase, with many a fellow mother seeming to resonate. Halsey gave birth on July 14, welcoming their son with partner Alev Aydein.