Donald Trump's Allies Form PAC To Target His Top GOP Foes

Donald Trump appears at the White House.
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Top allies of Donald Trump are reportedly forming an organization that will keep track of some of his top GOP foes, signalling a potential rift within the party just months after he lost the 2020 election.

The development shows that Trump remains widely influential with large segments of the Republican Party, even as he has remained behind the scenes. It could also signal a potential showdown for the next presidential race, when Trump could once again represent the Republican Party in the general election.

Trump Allies Target Enemies

Donald Trump speaks at an event.
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As Yahoo News reported, a group of former campaign officials are forming a PAC that will take aim at a group of Republicans who had broken with Trump, including his most vocal foe.  As the report noted, the group is aiming to defeat the 10 Republicans who voted to impeach Trump earlier this year in his second impeachment trial. That includes Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, who has remained vocally opposed to Trump and tried to push the party beyond his influence.

Group Plans To Target Cheney

Liz Cheney speaks at an event.
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The new group's website said that they plan to "remove the ten pretenders," the report noted, and included an ad specifically taking aim at Cheney. As Yahoo News added, the group plans to make a major push that includes major ad buys and specific actions in the districts where the anti-Trump Republicans are in office.

"A person familiar with the group's plans said America Strong intends to buy digital and broadcast ads," the report noted. "The group also plans to build grassroots activism programs in at least some of the 10 target districts."

Cheney Faced Other Consequences

Liz Cheney speaks at an event.
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Cheney has already felt the sting from her opposition to Trump. After she voted against him in the second impeachment trial and continued to attack him publicly, she was removed from her top leadership post within the Republican Party. 

Cheney was replaced by Elise Stefanik, a New York congresswoman who often broke with Trump in House votes but had been more loyal to him publicly. The formation of the new PAC shows that Trump allies will ensure that Cheney continues to face consequences for her refusal to stay behind the now-former president.

Trump's Future Uncertain

Donald Trump speaks at an event.
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While the group appears to be clearing the way for a potential return for Trump, it remains unclear whether he plans to make a political comeback. There has been speculation that he will run again, and a pollster said that Trump would likely be the frontrunner if he were to enter the 2024 field -- though would once again be headed for a difficult time in the general election. 

Trump has also lost some major advantages, including losing his social media megaphone.