Ainsley Rodriguez Wears A Skimpy Set During Her 'Slow And Controlled' Glute Workout

Social media star Ainsley Rodriguez treated her 1.9 million Instagram followers to a post of her in a tiny mismatched bikini for her latest exercise upload.

The bikini top was a stunning cerulean blue which flattered the model's sun-kissed skin. Its silhouette consisted of a sporty triangle cut with a plunging neckline which showcased Rodriguez's décolletage. Thick straps offered support in the form of a halter-neck style as Rodriguez demonstrated her grueling routine.

Showing off her toned torso, Rodriguez coupled the top with a pair of patterned bottoms. The background of the briefs was white and covered in a deep purple abstract design. The bottoms featured a low-rise silhouette, and deep purple straps wrapped around Rodriguez's hips to accentuate her hourglass figure. In the back, the bottoms were a cheeky cut, allowing the fitness model to showcase her posterior as she demonstrated her favorite glute exercises.

Rodriguez styled her long brunette locks into a practical high ponytail and accessorized with a pair of stud earrings and a beaded bracelet. She also sported a chic black manicure.

The setting for the video was a stunning backyard with a bright blue pool and palm trees in the background. Water fountains lined the edge of the pool for a luxurious detail, and a large statue of Buddha -- flanked by decorative stones -- rested in the center of the yard.

Rodriguez performed the moves on a hot pink yoga mat and used a bright yellow resistance band. Both objects offered a stunning pop of color against the lush greenery and blue sky.

The first exercise consisted of a lunge followed by a kickback. Rodriguez made the movement more difficult by using a resistance band. The second was a squat, again complete with a kick at the end.

Next was a back leg raise, and fourth was a variation of a hip bridge. Last but not least, Rodriguez climbed onto a small side table as a pseudo-stair master maneuver.

In her caption, the fitness influencer urged her followers to focus on being "slow and controlled" to get the best results.

Fans went wild over the new update and awarded the post around 25,000 likes and more than 375 comments.

"Awesome!!! And I always feel inspired by you!!" raved one awestruck user, emphasizing the compliment by adding two curled bicep emoji.

"Omg... such an amazing body!!" gushed a second follower.

"The glute workouts are definitely working!!" proclaimed a third devotee.

"This will definitely be one of my fav ones," added a fourth person, concluding the comment with both a fire symbol and a peach emoji.

As previously covered by The Inquisitr, Rodriguez wowed fans earlier this week with another bikini workout.