Pamela Anderson, 53, Shows Off Her Shapely Backside & Long Legs In A Short Gold Dress

Actress Pamela Anderson arrives at the Saint Laurent show at The Hollywood Palladium on February 10, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Pamela Anderson, 53, showed off her shapely backside and long, tanned legs as she modeled a short gold dress for a new Instagram share. The model displayed her flawless figure via a dramatic image taken in front of a black backdrop. The actress, who rose to fame in the television show Baywatch, used the color photo as a way to supplement a sultry caption by one of her favorite writers, Anais Nin.

The gorgeous blonde’s body was wrapped in the shimmering gold mini dress. It rode high up on her thighs and skimmed her backside. The material caught the light and generated a sparkling effect, not unlike a flash, near her left elbow and buttocks, which was caught by the camera. The sexy garment was studded with rhinestones and sheer pieces of material.

Most of Pamela’s toned back was exposed. The rear of the dress was cut low, to the small of her back. Underneath, material from the dress was visible as it wrapped around her booty and down her left thigh. The garment featured long, slouchy sleeves that hung low off her shoulders, exposing them to the photographer.

Pamela turned her head to the left and looked over her shoulder in the sultry snap. Her eyes were cast downward. Her blond hair was styled into large waves, and its length fell down her back. This high-fashion look complemented the style of the garment and lent an air of sexiness to the stunning image.

Pamela revealed that the photograph was taken by Liz Rosa, who is from Vancouver, British Columbia. Pamela is also Canadian, hailing from the town of Ladysmith.

The caption of the post, which contained a series of statements written by Nin, spoke of finding a person that you would be willing to share your most personal feelings and how that generated a feeling of sweet surrender and what the writer called “unconditional intimacy.”

Pamela regularly quotes Nin for her Instagram captions when she feels they are appropriate to the image shared. In an Instagram post seen here, Pamela used the essayist, novelist, and writer of short stories and erotica as inspiration on October 29 when she spoke of being a mermaid. She shared she was unafraid of depths but had a great fear of shallow living. She used a photograph of herself in what appeared to be a black wetsuit, which was unzipped to show off her voluptuous breasts.