Mariana Morais Teases It's 'Always Bikini Season' In A Tiny Blue Tie-Dyed Ensemble

Mariana Morais shared a pair of sultry snapshots on her Instagram page Saturday. The blonde bombshell teased that it was always the right time to wear a bikini and it looked as if her 865,000 followers completely agreed with her.

The 23-year-old model -- who goes by "Maare Beaar" on social media, noted that she was wearing the Oh Polly brand. She paired their "Tropic Sands" micro top in the blue tie-dye shade with the matching thong bikini bottoms and these pieces made for a thoroughly titillating look.

She wore her blond tresses styled with a side part. The loose waves cascaded down her back and over one shoulder, so long that they rested near her slender waistline.

Mariana seemed to be sitting on her knees as she posed outdoors. A home could be seen behind her, as could several potted plants.

The model tilted her head slightly in the first photo as she gazed seductively toward the camera. She let her arms hang down straight, her hands grazing her upper thighs. Mariana added a couple of delicate gold chains around her neck to accessorize her ensemble.

The triangle top revealed a significant amount of deep cleavage while providing a hint of underboob as well. The skimpy bottoms had thin straps that sat high on Mariana's hips and accentuated her hourglass curves.

Mariana shifted her position slightly for the second photo. She twisted to the side a little bit and placed one hand on her perky derriere. She showed off her chiseled abs and impossibly tiny waist.

In less than a day, Mariana's post received more than 75,000 likes and 315 comments.

"Sooo beautiful!" one fan wrote.

"Absolute smokeshow," another declared.

"You're looking good beautiful," a follower raved.

"PERFECTION AT ITS BEST!!!" someone else determined.

Earlier in the week, Mariana shared a pair of photos that had a very different vibe in comparison to these weekend snaps. She was dressed in red lingerie and wore a set of devil's horns as she teased that she was very good at being really bad.

It seemed that the lingerie ensemble was designed to be her Halloween outfit, and her fans showered her with praise over it. That showcased a more intense vibe than Mariana usually embraces in what she shares on her Instagram page. However, it was the perfect choice for a naughty Halloween evening.

This duo of bikini snaps was probably more along the lines of how Mariana's fans usually picture her. In fact, this new post received more likes and comments in less than a day than the devil-inspired get-up got over the course of several days.

Whether she's looking sexy and sweet or entirely naughty, Mariana's fans always seem to approve.