Niece Waidhofer Exposes Double-Strapped Red Thong With Pants Pulled Down In Response To Eyebrow Comments

Model Niece Waidhofer had a cheeky response to her male Instagram followers who have been offering her unsolicited eyebrow advice. However, critics of the shape of her brows probably weren't complaining about her seemingly sarcastic visual representation of how she feels about their opinions.

In her caption, Niece wrote that her photo showed the "IMMEDIATE pants-shedding effect" of her followers' remarks about her eyebrow grooming game. The witty model also added a humorous geotag to her post, describing the location of her pic as the "Caterpillar Development Center."

Her pic was a selfie, which she took while standing in front of a mirror. She positioned her body to the side with her round derriere angled toward the camera.

Niece showed off her curvy posterior by wearing her tight black jeans pulled down to expose the back of the rose-red thong she had on underneath. The silky undergarment had two straps on each side instead of one, making it even more eye-catching.

The panty was part of a set that included a bra with stretchy underwire cups crafted out of sheer floral lace. The thin fabric clung to her bust like a second skin, and it left a significant portion of the tops of her breasts bare. The bra also boasted two thin bands on each side, as well as straps that curved down between Niece's colossal cleavage.

Her long brunette hair was fashioned in loose curls that tumbled over her chest, sides, and back. She posed by arching her back and holding up her phone to snap a selfie. She turned her face toward the mirror, and her sparkling eyes seemed to be aimed at the phone's screen. A small suggestion of a smile played on her lips.

She appeared to be inside a bathroom with cream walls and two towels hanging on a wall rack.

Niece's photo garnered over 36,000 likes in just one hour. Many of her followers assured her that she looked awesome and advised her to ignore the grooming criticism.

"Forget that!!!!! You look AMAZING just the way you are!!!!! Whatever you do, is perfect for YOU. Dont change for anyone!" read one response to her post.

Other admirers seemed to ignore her eyebrows altogether, focusing instead on other aspects of her photo.

"The best bra busting look on earth," a second fan wrote.

"Those curves are out of this world!!" another message read.

"Thongs popping out needs to make a comeback," a fourth person opined.

Niece's eyebrows might be staying just the way they are, but the model did recently experiment with a major mane change. She rocked a red wig in another lingerie pic, and her fans went wild over the look.