Abby Dowse Shows Off Taut Booty In Revealing White Bodysuit

Australian model and influencer Abby Dowse poses for a mirrored selfie.
Abby Dowse / Instagram

Aussie influencer and fitness model Abby Dowse often teases her 2.4 million followers on Instagram with multiple looks at her athletic body in the same skimpy outfit. On Saturday, October 10, the 31-year-old did so once again with a second snapshot of herself wearing a revealing white bodysuit and a red stocking cap.

Earlier in the day, The Inquisitr shared a photo update from Dowse in the same outfit as she posed provocatively on her knees with her legs spread and both of her hands behind her head. Her position in that picture — combined with the tight angle — made for a tempting display of her sinuous figure and perky bust. In the more recent shot, the social media star provided her fans with a different view, as she was snapped from behind while leaning over a table.

In the caption that accompanied the picture, Dowse claimed that her cat Lily — who was partially visible in the background — had requested the booty shot. In any case, her fans clearly appreciated another look at her body in the familiar outfit, as a number of admirers took to the post’s comments section with words of praise and virtual catcalls for the sultry backside display.

“Please keep giving Lily what she wants,” joked one follower, a sentiment that was echoed multiple times throughout the comments.

“One of the hottest girls on the planet,” gushed a second supporter.

“Great Tan, Yummy Bummy,” wrote a third commenter.

“Such a Bootyful view,” added another enamored admirer, who also included a slew of peach emoji.

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Lily wanted a booty pic ????❤️????

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Dowse was snapped indoors once again as she leaned over the white coffee table with her elbows and chest resting on top of it. Meanwhile, her shins were flat on a similarly bright carpet, with her knees bent and one foot crossed over the other leg. With her right forearm extended across the tabletop, she used her left hand to prop her head up while she peered back into the camera’s lens. All the while, her lips were seductively pursed as she wore a smoldering expression.

Due to the contrast against a room full of mostly white décor, her red cap stood out, along with her flowing, blond locks and the bronzed skin of her mostly bare posterior and legs. Dowse’s famously taut derrière stuck out as the model arched her back while bracing her weight against the table.

The Sydney, Australia native’s latest sexy share made a big impact on Instagram, notching almost 15,000 double-taps in just a few hours.