Katie Bell Sizzles In A Pink Bikini & Baggy Hoodie: 'Protect Your Energy'

Social media starlet Katie Bell shared a new pair of photos via her Instagram page on Monday that immediately raised temperatures sky-high. She posed while wearing a bubblegum pink bikini and a dark hoodie sweatshirt, and she gave off quite the sexy vibe with it.

It appeared that this was the same skimpy bikini that Katie wore in photos she shared earlier this month. She was a little more covered up this time thanks to the sweatshirt, but her supporters clearly found this garment pairing thoroughly enticing.

The first photo in the pair of snapshots showed Katie from the front. This was the first of the pictures with this two-piece bathing suit that was taken from that full-frontal angle, and it provided the perfect opportunity for the model to flaunt her flawless tanned skin and incredible physique.

Katie had her brunette tresses swept over to one side and her hair slightly obscured her face. A few wisps blew in the breeze.

Initially, she looked down away from the camera as she posed. She cocked a hip to the side and tilted her torso in the other direction, while the dark hoodie covered her shoulders and arms. She left it unzipped, which allowed everybody to fully appreciate her deep cleavage and chiseled abs.

"Very very hot and beautiful," one fan commented.

The second photo in this Monday upload showed Katie from behind. Unfortunately, the hoodie covered most of her curvy backside.

However, Katie still managed to generate some heat by lowering the sweatshirt down off one slender shoulder. Her lean legs were visible as well, and her dark hair tumbled down her back.

"You are very beautiful and attractive," someone praised.

"The most beautiful girl in the world," another person declared.

In her caption, Katie simply wrote about protecting one's energy. Based on the strong response to this pair of uploads, her fans didn't need to hear anything more.

The brunette bombshell currently has nearly 2 million followers on Instagram and more than 42,000 of them liked the post during the first hour it was live. Almost 300 people commented during those early minutes as well, and they were clearly impressed with Katie's nearly perfect figure and sensual vibe.

"You're so perfect," determined another fan.

Many of the people commenting on Katie's post shared similar sentiments, as everything about these images seemed to leave her followers virtually breathless. The pink two-piece was clearly a hit, and it sounded like her supporters would love to see her upload more snapshots from this particular outing.