September 8, 2020
Genesis Lopez Flaunts Serious Cleavage In Body-Hugging Red Dress

Genesis Lopez gave her 4.8 million Instagram followers something to talk about on Monday, September 7, when she shared a smoking-hot new update. The Japanese-Brazilian influencer looked nothing short of gorgeous in a bold red dress, which showcased her hourglass figure and ample cleavage.

In the new upload, Genesis sported a body-hugging dress that showcased her killer curves. The snug fit of the garment barely handled her enormous bust. As a result, the neckline sat low on her chest and exposed a generous amount of her cleavage. The view delighted many viewers, and most of them expressed their thoughts in the comments. The strapless design highlighted her bare shoulders and lean arms.

The bottom part of the outfit had a ruched look from its tie-up feature. It made the piece super short and displayed plenty of skin, including her legs. The bright color of her attire complimented her flawlessly tanned complexion.

In the photo, Genesis could be seen sitting on a cushioned chair. Behind her were glass doors and a big cushioned sofa. The lack of light also indicated that the shot was taken around night time, and the photographer used flash photography to illuminate the hottie's curves.

Genesis posed sideways with one of her legs positioned under the chair, while the other leg was stretched away from her body. She looked to the right with her eyes gazing into the distance. She placed her hand on the flat surface behind her booty, while her other hand rested on her knee.

For the occasion, she left her brunette hair down and styled in sleek, straight strands. She tucked her locks behind her ears and let the long strands cascade down her back. Genesis opted for hoop earrings as her only jewelry and matched the dress with a pair of flat sandals.

In the caption, Genesis wrote something about her thoughts about a trip. She also wished her fans a happy Labor Day. The latest share has been liked more than 39,600 times. It also received more than 350 comments in less than a day. A lot of her online supporters dropped compliments in the comments section. Countless admirers raved about her body and assets, while other followers decided that a string of emoji was enough to express their admiration for the model.

"You are so sexy! An extremely attractive woman. You are so hot in red," one of her followers commented.

"Just the word pretty is an insult for someone as gorgeous as you are," wrote another admirer.

"Always a beauty," added a third fan.