'Bachelorette' Star Hannah Brown Shows Off Dark Hair & Killer Abs As She Shares Her '2am Alter Ego'

Former The Bachelorette star Hannah Brown took to TikTok early on Thursday morning to show her followers a very different side of herself. The sassy beauty queen regularly shares videos showing herself doing all of the trendy social media dances, but this one added in a unique twist.

In her caption, Hannah teased that she was introducing everybody to the alter ego who comes out in the wee hours of the morning. She wore a dark-haired wig, a big change from her usual honey-blond tresses.

Hannah appeared to be in the living room of what is probably the new apartment she recently moved into. A light-colored couch could be seen behind her, along with some unique artwork that hung on the wall. A large rug was laid out on what seemed to be a wood floor, and an end table was next to the couch, covered with an array of random items.

For the brief TikTok video, Hannah tackled a set of moves that have become quite popular over the past few weeks. She had dark sunglasses pushed up on top of her black wig and she wore a black crop top and baggy gray sweatpants.



The crop top revealed The Bachelorette star's fabulous abs and she confidently showcased her moves. The Dancing with the Stars winner clearly loves to shake what she's got, and her many followers didn't mind in this case, that meant showing her stuff while wearing baggy sweats.

"She's just straight up vibin and I'm here for it," a fan declared.

Some people noted that they thought Hannah looked like Harley Quinn, and Amanda Bynes' name was tossed out too. At least one person mentioned Riverdale's Dark Betty, while another commenter quipped that they saw Lola from Hannah Montana. The one thing that nearly everybody seemed to agree on was that the wig was a fabulous and fun touch.

The Bachelorette star has 1.1 million followers on the social media app and they had a lot of love to heap on Hannah with this clip. Over the course of about 14 hours, it was viewed nearly 160,000 times and liked more than 14,000 times.

"MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! You are such a role model to me!" another fan declared.

Hannah is now back in California after spending several months back in Alabama with her family. Based on this overnight update, it certainly appears that she's settling in well and having a blast.