Cosplay Model Liz Katz Sizzles In Mesh Bodysuit And Thigh-High Socks

Liz Katz takes a mirror selfie wearing cat ears.
Liz Katz / Instagram

Liz Katz gave her 1.2 million Instagram followers something to look at on Wednesday, May 27, when she took to the popular social media platform to share a smoldering post of herself in a skimpy outfit.

The post consisted of two side-by-side photos that featured the cosplay model in the same outfit but in different poses. On the left, Katz faced the camera as she stood with her left leg in front of the other. She looked at the photographer, which was positioned below eye level, with a coquettish smile. The second picture showed her turning her back to the camera. She leaned against a door while popping her backside, putting her booty front and center.

Katz rocked a black bodysuit that featured mesh panels on the sides and on the chest. They were connected by a solid-colored bodice that covered enough of her chest to censor the photo while still leaving plenty on display. The suit included a belt-like structure around her waist, which had silver details on either side.

Katz completed her look by wearing a pair of black thigh-high socks and white animal ears.

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Tap to add mana to your mana pool.

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Katz wore her blond hair parted on the side and styled down, with the front partially covering her eye in the picture on the left. These photos are likely throwbacks, considering she doesn’t appear to have a baby bump here. The cosplayer is six months pregnant with her second child, and she has been flaunting her bump in her most recent Instagram posts.

Katz wrote in the caption that followers should “tap” for extra mana in their mana pool, presumably a reference to Magic: The Gathering, the popular card game.

The photo has attracted more than 63,400 likes and upward of 520 comments within half a day. Instagram users took to the comments section to engage with her caption and also to rave about her sex appeal.

“Love a girl with ears,” one of her fans noted.

“*Places hand on head* * Smile like I just entered a heavenly place* “Holy f*ck!” was all that came to mind,” replied another user.

“Very nice [two pink hearts] [heart-eyes emoji] Beautiful it doesn’t get much better than that,” a third fan chimed in.

“Looking like a snack,” added a fourth admirer.

Katz stunned her fans earlier this week with a photo that showed her rocking a cosplay inspired by the Marvel comic book character Spider-Man, as The Inquisitr had previously written. She squatted down on a rooftop while sporting the signature blue-and-red spandex suit, which she had pulled down the costume to her waist, exposing most of her chest. The cosplayer’s long locks, however, partly covered her breasts, allowing the image to still adhere to Instagram’s community guidelines regarding nudity.