Devin Brugman Wears Numerous Bikinis And One-Pieces In A 'Choose Your Character' Video

Devin Brugman participated in a popular TikTok challenge, and her 1.3 million followers loved that it involved the model rocking a variety of different bathing suits.

On Saturday, Devin took to Instagram to share her take on the "Choose Your Character" craze that has taken over TikTok and other social media platforms. The trend was inspired by the character-select screens from video games like Mortal Kombat that ask players to choose their fighters. Content creators have started making their own versions of the screens by dressing up in various outfits or costumes.

The looks Devin rocked included an array of swimsuits from her own brand, Monday Swim. At the beginning of her video, she was wearing a jaguar-print one-piece with a low neckline that showed off an eyeful of her ample assets. She struck a fighter's stance with her hands raised up in fists, and she slightly moved back-and-forth to mimic the repetitive movements of fighting game characters when they're shown on the character select screens. The clip even featured soft clicking noises and dramatic music.

Devin's next look was a strapless bikini in the same wild print. The top featured a ring detail in the center of the bust, and the bottoms had string ties on the sides. When the video cut to the model's next "character," she was still sporting the same two-piece, but now, she was holding a hairdryer up as if it were a weapon.

Devin was also shown rocking the jaguar-print bandeau top with a pair of vibrant red bottoms as she held a steam cleaner. Another "character" wore a white robe and brandishing a bottle of wine.

The model's other looks included a white bathing suit with a plunging neckline and a red bikini, which she wore while holding a vacuum cleaner.

As of this writing, Devin's creative video has racked up over 22,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

"All of the above," read one response to her post.

"Hahahaha stop this is too good," another commenter wrote.

"Bottle of wine wearing the robe is my character. Although I'd never even look a single bit as good as Devin!!" a third fan remarked.

"I choose the white one piece with bottle of wine and head towel," wrote Devin's Monday Swim co-founder, Natasha Oakley.

Natasha had her own Instagram followers going wild over her take on a TikTok challenge earlier this week. While wearing a jaguar-print bathing suit, she danced to a "Savage" parody song inspired by the Netflix docuseries Tiger King.