Fitness Model Lauren Simpson Flaunts Perky Backside In 'Under Butt' Workout Video

Fitness model Lauren Simpson enjoys posting her favorite workout exercises on Instagram in addition to snaps of her gym-honed physique. Her 1.8 million followers love her videos and leave her hundreds of compliments in the comments section of each one, while also frequently letting her know that she is an inspiration to them in their own fitness journeys.

In the fitness trainer's latest upload, she demonstrated her top six "under booty" workouts that her followers can use to target their backsides. For two of the workouts, she wore a completely gray outfit that featured a sports bra with a black strap across her rib cage and white lettering. She also sported tiny, skin-tight booty shorts that left little of her sculpted bottom half to the imagination. The outfit showed off plenty of skin, giving viewers an eyeful of the fitness buff's chiseled abs and gym-honed legs. The model completed the outfit with a pair of white high-top sneakers and a black watch.

Lauren wore her long, platinum-blond tresses in a double French braid style that combined both braids into one long tail extending down her back. She made up her face with thick black mascara and eyeliner and added gloss to her lips. A pair of sparkly earrings completed her look.

In the following workouts, Lauren sported a variety of outfits, including a turquoise sports bra and leggings, black spandex booty shorts and a black cropped t-shirt, gray short-shorts and a black sports bra, a red sports bra with gray booty shorts, and a green bra and legging combo outfit.

The six exercises that Lauren demonstrated in the post include good mornings, rounded back extensions, Romanian deadlifts, straddle lifts, reverse hypers, and cable pull throughs. In all exercises, she worked the muscles that connect her glutes to her upper hamstrings and made sure to tightly control each move to see the best results.

For many of the exercises, Lauren used heavy weights, including barbells ranging from 10 to 30 kilograms. She also made use of a variety of exercise machines at the gym, telling her followers how to modify the moves in the caption if they don't have access to the machines.

Lauren's caption explained how to place the glute and hamstring muscles under the highest amount of tension to deepen the workout. For each exercise, she added a small comment specifying how to best perform the move and alternative exercises if the main one is too hard. Lauren ended her caption by letting her followers know where she bought her outfits.

The post received nearly 10,000 likes and dozens of comments in the first two hours of going live. Many of Lauren's followers expressed that they loved the videos and thanked her for the exercises.

"Thanks for the inspiration Lauren," one Instagram user wrote.

"Definitely doing all of these. So so important and useful," another fan chimed in.