Tana Mongeau Flaunts Cleavage In Red Outfit & Reveals She Lost A Tooth On Her Miami Trip

Mizuki Hisaka

Tana Mongeau has been keeping her 5.1 million Instagram fans updated on her crazy trip to Miami, Florida, and she shared a new photo set today that included a snap of herself on a plane as she left the area. In the Instagram pic, the stunner rocked an all-red ensemble that included a bikini top that allowed her to flaunt her cleavage. She revealed in the captions that she lost a tooth.

The blonde sat in her seat with her feet together and threw up the peace sign with her left hand. She also stuck her tongue out playfully, as she was seemingly still in good spirits, even after all of the shenanigans that went down in Miami.

The outfit she wore was bright red and may have been a sweater-and-sweatpants combo or a jumpsuit. Either way, she left the top partially unzipped inches below her chest, and she accessorized with a couple of silver charm necklaces and matching hoop earrings.

Tana wore her hair pulled up into an extra high half-ponytail, her locks framing her face and most of it falling down her back. Her makeup application included dark lashes and light pink lipstick, which added a flirty vibe to her look.

There were two more unrelated photos in the series, one which showcased her sheer bra outfit from a prior post and another that showed her in a hug with two girlfriends: Sydney Lynn and Katie Bell.

"Lowkey pissed you got it fixed," joked Zack Bia.

"U were toothless tana's biggest supporter," responded Tana.

"No sleep. bruises everywhere. and we still fkn cute. winning...," noted a supporter.

"Single tana is 25262728 different personalities in one tana," wrote a fan.

"Just tana being hot per usual," observed an admirer.

According to Life & Style Magazine, Tana took to her Instagram stories to tell her fans that she lost her veneer after eating a dollar bill in a strip club. She claimed later that Faze Banks told her to eat the money, which ironically ended in her paying a $10,000 bill to the dentist.

In addition, the bombshell shared another set of photos three days ago that included a snap of her in a see-through bra that left her chest exposed. In the same series, there were also pictures of her at a strip club, which may have been the same spot where she lost her veneer.

In the update, Tana noted that she'd been in a car accident and also shared a photo of her legs covered in small bruises.