Shawn Johnson Shares A Cute Video Of Baby Drew’s First Flip On The Beach And Claps Back At A Mommy Shamer

Shawn reassured her followers that her 3-month-old daughter was perfectly safe.

Olympian Shawn Johnson attends the Before I Fall" New York Special Screening
Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

Shawn reassured her followers that her 3-month-old daughter was perfectly safe.

Shawn Johnson showed off her 3-month-old daughter’s budding gymnastics skills in an adorable new Instagram video. However, the Olympic gold medalist had to defend her actions after a mommy-shamer criticized her for helping her baby girl do a flip.

On Monday, Shawn, 28, took to Instagram to share the sweet family video with her 2.6 million followers. According to the geotag she added to her post, the clip was filmed on the beach in Miami. Shawn was sitting on her knees in deep sand, rocking a blue bikini top with a pair of denim cutoffs and wearing her blond hair pulled back in a ponytail.

Shawn was holding her baby daughter, Drew Hazel East, in front of her. The tot was sporting a white skirted swimsuit that featured a vibrant pink and green floral print. A smiling Shawn had her arms crossed in front of her and was holding her daughter by the waist. She slowly uncrossed her arms, flipping the infant upside-down as she did so. After Drew was flipped back right-side-up, Shawn sat the little girl down on her thigh.

Shawn’s husband and Drew’s father, former NFL player Andrew East, 28, was then shown rushing over to his daughter. Shawn held Drew out to get a congratulatory kiss from her daddy.

In the caption of her post, Shawn revealed Drew’s cute nickname, Roo. The gymnastics champion also reassured her followers that the tot’s “first flip” was “PERFECTLY safe.”

However, Shawn’s assertion about her daughter’s safety didn’t stop one of her followers from criticizing her video. The mommy-shamer took issue not only with the way the gymnast was playing with Drew but with what the little girl was wearing.

“While she may have been perfectly safe, sometimes you are a bit rough handling such a young baby, and not making her warm enough when you take her out,” the critical commenter wrote. “She needs at least socks if not shoes, as well, and hats.”

In response to the critic, many of Shawn’s followers argued that socks aren’t appropriate beach attire. She also responded to the mommy-shamer by suggesting that her daughter would be more uncomfortable with them, adding some remarks about Drew’s physical toughness.

“Are you holding her? Have you physically felt her sweat when she wears socks? Or felt her strength when she stands? Or seen her fuss until she stands up because she hates laying down,” she wrote. “Nope. You haven’t. I’m her mama. I know.”

Many of Shawn’s fans commended her for standing up to the critic.

“Love how you stood your ground. Every baby is different and you know yours best!” wrote one of her supporters.

This wasn’t the only gymnastics clip from the day at the beach that Shawn shared with her Instagram fans. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she and Andrew also showed off their acrobatic skills by performing “the stand up challenge.” The challenge involved Shawn jumping up and down on her husband’s back as he slowly rose up from a lying position on the ground.