Brandi Passante Crashes Someone’s Party & Hijacks Their Photo Booth, But Leaves A Gift Behind

Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz of "Storage Wars"
Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

Storage Wars princess took to Instagram roughly 24 hours ago to ask her 143,000 followers if it was “illegal” to crash a person’s party just because she knew a photo booth would be there and she wanted to use it.

She added that she and Racing Wives star Samantha Busch left a copy of the photos they took in the booth behind as a gift. Then, she questioned whether the duo were the winners for getting to use the photo booth or if the guest of honor was the winner for getting a fun collection of photos featuring Brandi and Samantha.

Busch took to the comments to note crashing the party and hijacking the photo booth wasn’t the only criminal activity the duo engaged in during the evening.

“And you stole wine from their party let’s not forget that. Though in your defense it was just sitting there unattended,” the Racing Wives star jestingly penned in the comments.

Passante jokingly responded to the comment of her gal pal: “I was thirsty from all the criminal activity.”

The Instagram post featured a strip containing four different photos snapped at a photo booth sitting on top of a vibrant candy-red surface. The first featured the blond and brunette bombshells flashing huge smiles for the camera.

The second featured Brandi with her hand placed over her mouth as if she was preparing to blow a kiss while Samantha had her chin resting on her hand with her lips pursed and her eyes looking up at the ceiling.

In the third frame, both lovely ladies looked to be holding their breath. Brandi had her cheeks puffed out with her lips pursed and Busch had her cheeks sucked in with her lips also pursed.

The fourth photo oozed of a wild and glamorous night. Brandi and Samantha both had their hands pressing into their hair. Brandi opted for a pursed-lip face while Samantha looked to be screaming in joy.

In 24 hours, Passante’s followers showered the fun photo booth pictures with over 4,000 likes and 75 comments.

At a loss for words, many kept their adoration of the sexy blonde simple with an array of heart and fire emoticons in their comments. A few even boldly declared how much they loved Brandi.

“You are absolutely GORGEOUS AND SEXY!!!!” One follower gushed.

Another follower added: “I can’t believe y’all have gotten so close! I was always a storage wars addict (you are obviously the hottie on the show) and I’m also a huge Kyle & Samantha fan. Kyle is my fav,… I’m a Redskins fan and when Joe Gibbs retired from coaching football I followed him to NASCAR. And once Kyle came along there was no doubt. I fell in love with the Busch fam and seeing you being so close now is amazing. I love it!”

A few of Passante’s followers jokingly said they wished she and Samantha would have shared a kiss while snapping these fun photos together.