Yanet Garcia Shows Off Legs In Christmas Sweater On Instagram

Yanet Garcia takes a selfie.
Yanet Garcia / Instagram

Yanet Garcia showed off her legs in her newest Instagram post, where she posed in a blue Christmas sweater. She was seen sitting in front of a black, modern fireplace. The sweater featured a graphic of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer on the front. Rudolph wore a pair of dark sunglasses and had small fuzz balls on his antlers that looked like Christmas lights. The arms of the ensemble featured a classic, snowflake design. It was also dotted with white accents throughout, while there were also zig-zags in white and red.

The stunner sat up with her left knee propped up. She placed her elbow on her knee and played with her hair. She also bent her right leg on the floor and placed her hands by her calves. Yanet glanced at the camera with a sultry expression, as she parted her lips slightly. She wore her hair down in a side part, with the locks featuring soft waves. She brushed a piece in front of her right shoulder, while the left side of her face was mostly obscured by her locks.

The model wore dark eyeliner and pink lipstick, along with dark blush. She sat beside a Mickey Mouse plush, which was also Christmas-themed. The Disney character wore a red-and-green winter outfit and a Santa’s hat. A string of lights could be seen beyond that, with hints of stockings at the top of the frame. The floor beneath the famous weather girl was covered in a cream-toned rug.

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December ???? “Le preguntaron a Mahatma Gandhi cuales eran los factores que destruyen al ser humano. Tranquilo y sereno respondió así: La Política sin principios, el Placer sin compromiso, la Riqueza sin trabajo, la Sabiduría sin carácter, los Negocios sin moral, la Ciencia sin humanidad y la Oración sin caridad. La vida me ha enseñado que la gente es amable, si yo soy amable; que las personas están tristes, si estoy triste; que todos me quieren, si yo los quiero; que todos son malos, si yo los odio; que hay caras sonrientes, si les sonrío; que hay caras amargas, si estoy amargado; que el mundo está feliz, si yo soy feliz; que la gente se enoja, si yo me enojo; que las personas son agradecidas, si yo soy agradecido. La vida es como un espejo: Si sonrío, el espejo me devuelve la sonrisa. La actitud que tome frente a la vida, es la misma que la vida tomará ante mí.” “El que quiera ser amado, que ame”.

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Fans had plenty to say about the photo in the comments section, with some joking about the Mickey Mouse plush.

“Mickey looking stunned,” said a follower.

“Even Mickey lookin at you like d*mmn lol,” wrote a fan.

Others responded to the captions, which were in Spanish.


“YOU GET WHAT YOU PUT IN This is powerful and a really good message,” wrote an admirer.

“I agree in a lot of ways, but the mirror can be a good start, you are so beautiful,” gushed a fourth Instagram user.

A couple of days ago, the bombshell shared another Instagram photo that was all about her legs. This time, she rocked a pair of tiny daisy dukes and black boots. Yanet also sported a white, turtleneck shirt under a long, black jacket. The shorts were so small, that only the frayed hem could be seen beneath the jacket. Her boots were shiny with high heels, and Yanet smiled widely while placing her hand on her hips.