Hope Beel And A Female Friend Pose For Sizzling Bikini Photos On A Boat, Enjoy ‘Next Level’ Experience

Hope BeelInstagram

Hope Beel has a large legion of Instagram fans who always appreciate it when she shares bikini snapshots with them. On Sunday, the fitness model treated these swimsuit enthusiasts to yet another round of steamy bikini photos that caused a major splash, and this time she was joined by a pal. She also made sure to express her appreciation for the tour operator who helped make the photoshoot possible.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Hope Beel is currently enjoying a relaxing getaway in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The geotag on her latest series of photos reveals that she is still there soaking up some sun and taking in the sights. For her most recent excursion, she and one of her friends, Cheryl Anne Suarez, hopped on a small boat to get a closer view of the beautiful blue sea surrounding the islands, as well as the abundant sea life swimming around in the tropical paradise.

However, Hope’s impressive bikini body was the focal point of the first image in her three-photo slideshow. She’s posing on the deck of the boat, where two padded mats have been placed. The statuesque sunbathing beauty is rocking a red and white striped bikini with a triangle top that can barely contain her killer curves. The other half of her two-piece is a pair of adjustable drawstring bikini bottoms that can provide more or less coverage, depending on how much the fabric of the crotch area is scrunched in or spread out. Hope Beel has hers adjusted so that it provides more coverage.

The brunette bombshell is laying on her side, and she’s using one hand to shield her eyes from the bright sun. She has her hair pulled back into a ponytail, and she’s wearing an oceanic accessory: a starfish charm necklace.

The second photo is a shot that was taken from a distance. Hope is still posing on the deck of the ship, but she’s sitting up with one hand behind her head. In the third photo, she and Cheryl, who is rocking a colorful floral print string bikini, are sitting on a small bench on the side of the boat. There’s a scenic backdrop of the seemingly endless ocean and blue skies behind them. Thanks to the positioning of the camera, viewers are getting an eyeful of Hope Beel’s sideboob.

In the caption of her post, Hope thanked the Big Blue Collective tour outfit for taking the two women’s vacation to the “next level” by treating them to an amazing experience that included “food, wine, and fishes.”

Hope Beel’s Instagram followers also expressed their thanks to the model for sharing some of her vacation photos with them. Her post received almost 9,000 likes over the course of an hour.

“And two extremely beautiful women,” read one fan’s response to her pictures. “It could not get any better.”