Fitness Model Ainsley Rodriguez Flaunts Incredible Curves & Toned Abs As She Enjoys Movie Theater Snacks

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Fans of Ainsley Rodriguez are well aware that the fitness model works hard to maintain her unbelievable body. The stunner does, however, allow herself to have some sugary snacks.

On Wednesday, the brunette bombshell shared a series of sizzling snaps for her 1.9 million Instagram followers to enjoy. The photos show Ainsley sitting on an orange recliner seat at a movie theater. The stunner is seen enjoying a bag of Sour Patch Kids and a slurpee.

Ainsley dressed down for her movie night. She sported gray sweatpants, an unzipped sweater, and a beige crop top. Her enviable cleavage and toned abs were on full display in the casual outfit.

She also wore gray sneakers, a pair of earrings, and a delicate necklace. The stunner styled her long locks in a side part and opted to wear minimal makeup that enhanced her natural beauty.

In the caption, Ainsley explained that she does not believe that extremely restrictive diets work. The Instagram influencer revealed that she still eats the occasional sweet, drinks tequila, and loves cheeseburgers, proving the adage “everything in moderation.”

Fans seemed to love the post, as it has racked up more than 23,000 likes. Ainsley’s many admirers also flocked to the comments section to compliment the beauty.

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Sometimes you just need a slurpee and some Sour Patch Kids ????????‍♀️ #MovieNight - There are certain things I won't give up in life. Sour patch kids, tequila and cheeseburgers are a few of them. ???? I don't have candy everyday, but when I go to the movies it's one thing I know I'm getting and enjoying! - One of the most frequently asked questions from people is if they need to give up the things they love to join my program. The answer is NO! THIS is why most 'diets' don't work. - The second you feel deprived or restricted you're THAT much more inclined to binge and get off track. Its like telling a little kid not to touch a hot stove. Maybe they weren't even thinking about touching it but the second you tell them not to, they focus on it and the urge is that much greater! - If you love your beer, tacos and cake there is no need for you to stop having them. The key is knowing they probably won't get you to your end goal if you eat them DAILY and learning that when enjoyed in moderation they actually won't hinder you from reaching your goal at all! - Whether it's Sunday barbecues with the fam or Friday night dinner and the movies find the right time and the right balance. Small changes daily equate to lifestyle habits you can keep with you forever! - Client spots NOW open. DM your e???? for more info

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“You are stunning as always,” wrote one follower.

“You’re such a cutie,” said another.

“Ainsley you’re absolutely gorgeous like always,” chimed in a third Instagram user, adding a string of fire and heart emoji to the comment.

Ainsley graciously replied to a majority of the comments, thanking her fans for their kind words.

While Ainsley does indulge her sweet tooth, she tends to stick to a somewhat strict diet. In an interview with Simply Shredded, the stunner opened up about how she fuels her body.

“I typically eat about 7 meals a day, eating every 2.5-3 hours, consisting of approximately 5 ounces of protein and 4 ounces of complex carbs,” said the fitness model. “I don’t carb cycle or do anything crazy before shoots/contests. I usually just cut out anything with sweeteners and swap my shakes for whole foods.”

Ainsley added that she usually eats egg whites, oats, chicken, and vegetables.

In a recent Instagram post, however, the beauty advised fans not to follow her exact diet. She noted that everyone needs to find meal plans that are compatible with their specific health needs.

“We are all INDIVIDUALS. I don’t want anyone to eat the way I do just because that’s the way I eat,” wrote Ainsley in the post’s caption.

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