Bikini Bombshell Hilde Osland Goes Completely See-Through On Instagram

Hilde OslandInstagram

Hilde Osland has just gone see-through. The Swedish-Australian bombshell has been racking up the Instagram followers on account of her sizzling curves and cherub-like beauty. While Hilde’s sexy waistline, ample assets, and peachy booty are likely a draw for her followers, her angelic features are up there with her curves. The blonde took to her Instagram stories earlier today with a look that seemed to buck the trend — this time, there were no crochet bikinis and no booty shorts. Instead, she opted to rock a see-through dress.

Hilde’s story showed her shot indoors in full length. The blonde was seen in a light-filled room with wooden floors and no furnishings, save for a mirror showing the star’s reflection. Hilde was rocking a sensational and chic dress that seemed to fly the flag for evening elegance. The floor-length number had a strapless, lacy bodice, although everything from the waist down was completely sheer. From the front, fans saw the star’s shapely and toned legs, although that mirror was showcasing some of Hilde’s pert rear.

Hilde appeared with her luscious blond locks swept up into a bun, a few loose strands falling by her ears as she gazed downward with a pensive look on her face. The model looked like she was posing for a magazine, although the dress she wore wasn’t anywhere near as expensive as what one might see in Vogue. In fact, Hilde announced that the dress retails for $40 in Australian currency.

While Hilde didn’t state which brand was responsible for today’s dress, the star does name-drop on her permanent posts. Hilde’s influencing seems to include endorsements for trendy and affordable clothing labels, with Fashion Nova being a favorite. The brand seems to be sweeping Instagram’s models at the moment, as Australia’s Abby Dowse and American model Sara Underwood both have an ambassador status for the brand. Hilde, meanwhile, opts to give Fashion Nova a shout-out on a fairly regular basis, but she isn’t an official ambassador.

Hilde seems adored for many reasons. The star’s girly and sexy lingerie updates prove popular, although those bikini updates tend to rack up the most likes. Also loved by Hilde’s followers are her stunning smile, on-point makeup, and the fact that her updates never go down the raunchy route. She will often exude a sexy feel as she showcases her curves in skimpy two-pieces, but she makes sure not to overdo things.

Hilde has 1.4 million Instagram followers. Fans wishing to stay updated on her gorgeous looks and activities should give her account a follow.