WWE’s Paige Rocks New Sexy Look In Latest Instagram Snaps

Roy RochlinGetty Images

WWE bombshell Paige is rocking a slightly different look this week, and her Instagram fans are going absolutely wild over it. The wrestling vixen touted that her friend and hair genius was ready to make a comeback, and he gave her a jaw-dropping gray ombre style.

Paige — whose real name is Saraya-Jade Bevis — shared a handful of photos showcasing her new look on Tuesday evening, via Instagram. She asked her followers what they thought about her new hair color, and it’s clear that this one is a major hit.

Of course, it might be more than simply the hair color that generated all of the love that Paige is receiving on this post. The WWE star was photographed wearing black leggings and a tight black sports bra, an ensemble that allowed her to flaunt her figure quite well.

The 27-year-old English beauty made sure to show off a bit of cleavage with this look. The skintight ensemble also highlighted every inch of her curvy figure, and fans got to see plenty of the tattoo that sits just below her breasts, above her navel.

Paige’s newly-styled hair was parted on the side, and it cascaded over her shoulders in loose waves. The WWE personality chose a heavy, dark makeup look to compliment her bold poses, and this post quickly received a great deal of love.

Paige currently has 5.6 million followers on Instagram. It took only 15 hours for the set of snapshots to receive more than 245,000 likes, and nearly 1,500 comments were posted as well.

“Ohhhhhhhh bishhhhh i love this!” exclaimed one follower who loved Paige’s new look.

“Sexy and beautiful,” noted another fan.

“More gorgeous than ever,” added another supporter of the WWE vixen.

While Paige has been keeping plenty busy off-screen, fans may get to see more of her on television again soon. The Inquisitr recently detailed that rumors have been swirling about Paige’s return to television.

At the moment, nothing much has been confirmed about what comes next for Paige. The buzz is that there are a couple of possibilities under consideration, and her fans will be anxious for additional details once they are available.

As WWE fans wait to hear what Paige will tackle next, they will need to stay tuned to her Instagram page for gorgeous snaps and various updates. She certainly has her followers salivating over her current stunning look, and whatever project she does embrace next, it looks like her supporters are ready to stand by her side.