Steven Avery’s Lawyer Announces $100K Reward For Info On ‘The Real Killer Of Teresa Halbach’


Attorney Kathleen Zellner isn’t giving up on freeing her client Steven Avery. Netflix created their hit series Making a Murderer based on the case, and Zellner’s involvement was the focus of the second season that debuted last October. Now, Zellner has posted a big update via her Twitter account that could turn this case upside down.

On Monday, Zellner shared via Twitter that a “concerned citizen” has offered up a $100,000 reward in an effort to “find the real killer” of Teresa Halbach. Zellner shared a tip line phone number and noted that the reward would be paid out upon the arrest and conviction of someone else found to have been responsible for Halbach’s death.

Even though Netflix hasn’t added any additional episodes of Making a Murderer since last fall, it’s clear from Zellner’s Twitter account that she’s still actively working the case. Just a few days ago, she teased that she had a big announcement to reveal on Monday, which now appears to be this reward. A week ago, she tweeted that she was getting ready for the battle ahead.

Zellner didn’t reveal anything more specific regarding the “concerned citizen” who is offering this sizable reward. As The Inquisitr noted earlier this year, this isn’t the first time the lawyer for Avery has utilized her Twitter account to try to generate some fresh buzz regarding the case.

As WISN notes, Avery’s request for a new trial was denied last month by a judge in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Avery has been serving a life sentence after his 2005 conviction in the murder of Halbach. He has always maintained he didn’t kill the young photographer, and the Netflix show sparked numerous theories about who else might have been responsible.

The Post Crescent details that Zellner’s argument for the Sheboygan judge was that Avery’s conviction was flawed. She maintained that the defense was unable to test the bones found on the Avery property because the Wisconsin Department of Justice had turned the bones suspected of being from a human over to the Halbach family.

Judge Angela Sutkiewicz responded by saying that Avery and his team had not established that his constitutional rights were violated or that the law regarding preserving evidence had been violated. Now, the case moves on to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals.

Last month, Zellner noted via Twitter that none of the evidence or issues they’ve put forth have been reviewed by the appellate court. She said that an unbiased review is coming, surely signaling that she’s anxious for this case to move on to the Court of Appeals.

Those following the Making a Murderer case will have to stay tuned to see if this $100,000 reward offer leads to any new information regarding Teresa Halbach’s murder. Steven Avery remains behind bars for now, but Kathleen Zellner doesn’t appear to be walking away from this case anytime soon.