Chanel West Coast Sizzles In Snaps From Her Birthday Party

Pint-sized powerhouse Chanel West Coast has been thrilling her fans by releasing quite a few new songs lately. The bombshell has been tantalizing her 3.2 million Instagram followers by sharing clips from the videos, snaps of the sizzling looks she wore in them and more.

Not long after the sexy video for her song "I Be Like" was released, Chanel released another video, for a song entitled "Anchors." While "Anchors" had a different vibe than some of the rapper's other songs, her look in the video was flawless. The beauty rocked retro-inspired beachwear in part of the video, and she shared shots of herself in the plunging white swimsuit on Instagram.

In her latest Instagram update, Chanel thrilled her fans with pictures from her birthday party and the release party for "Anchors." Chanel apparently carried on the retro vibe from the video and rocked a pair of ruffled booty shorts, a ruffled crop top, and statement sunglasses for a flirty look. In the first snap in the series, she posed with two of her friends, bending over in a pair of tall wedge heels that added a few extra inches to her petite body.

In the second shot, Chanel puffed on a cigar while dancing on a yacht. She also shared a few shots of herself dancing with some of the other party guests. Chanel shared a few additional shots of other guests at her party, as well as a series of selfies taken in front of a photo wall.

Chanel's followers loved the glimpse into her life, and the post received over 30,700 likes within just 11 hours. Fans couldn't get enough of the ruffled look Chanel was rocking, or her obvious love for parties and celebration. While Chanel's notorious laugh isn't audible through mere pictures, all fans who have seen her on Ridiculousness know the classic sound — and attendees at the party likely heard it throughout the night, as Chanel seems to have had a blast.

"You look like such a fun friend to have," one follower said.

"Looked like a rager," another fan said.

"Home girl stay lit," another follower commented.

One fan flirted a bit and said, "Chanel you make that suit look good."

"I need to party with you one time," another fan said.

Many of Chanel's fans also made sure to wish her a happy birthday in the comments section of the post, even if they weren't able to attend what appeared to be an incredible bash out on a boat.