Mila Kunis Knocks The Paparazzi Dead In Tiny Daisy Dukes & Zero Makeup

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Mila Kunis always will fly the flag for natural beauty. The Family Guy star may not show her face as she voices Meg Griffin on the popular animated series, but enough movies have shown that Mila is one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women. Then again, with a reputation for ditching the warpaint, the star’s bare-faced looks have earned her as many columns on natural beauty as they have her career.

Mila was out and about in Los Angeles, California Monday when The Daily Mail‘s paparazzi caught her. Mila may not have been prepared for having the cameras chase her – although, with her status, it’s kind of an expectation – but she was knocking the cameras dead.

Photos showed Mila rocking a simple, summery, and cute outfit that bordered on sexy merely by virtue of flashing the star’s long legs. Mila was clad in a tiny pair of Daisy Dukes, with a loose white t-shirt with “I love you to the moon and back” written on it. Mila appeared completely fuss-free, with her long brown hair scraped up into a bun and no trace of cosmetics. While the actress had opted for shades, her natural beauty was more than visible. The star’s fine features and clear skin were reminding the world just why Mila is somewhat of a beauty icon, although the actress herself appeared to have zero interest in attracting attention.

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Correction “century of the woman”

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Mila’s low-frills streak seems to be a matter of interest for her fans. This star may live in a zip code crawling with multi-millionaires and their lavish lifestyles, but Mila bucks the trend. While the actress herself has a healthy net worth, and this proves a double deal by virtue of her marriage to Ashton Kutcher, Mila isn’t into the high-end things. This may well have something to do with her humble upbringing; Mila moved to the U.S. as a child, with her Ukrainian family having virtually no funds.

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Speaking to Glamour about the move, Mila made it clear that the family couldn’t make ends meet.

“My parents went through hell and back. They came to America with suitcases and a family of seven and $250, and that’s it. My parents, for years, worked full-time and went to college full-time. They would go to night school to learn English. My mom started working at Thrifty in Culver City as a box lady. That’s what she did until she learned English; then she became a cashier. My dad worked—f–k if I know—seven jobs? He painted a house. He would deliver toilets. He drove a cab, delivered pizzas. Whatever he could do, he did.”

Hard times may be over, but Mila hasn’t forgotten them.