Erica Mena Spreads Legs In Cut-Out Bikini

Erica Mena's newest Instagram photo showed her in a cut-out bikini, and it's received over 39,000 likes so far. Unfortunately, the photo can't be shared here due to the NSFW captions, but you can check it out on Mena's Instagram page.

Erica posed outdoors for the shot, as she sat on a white rock formation with sand at her feet. Behind her were loose rocks and green plants. She sat up and braced herself with her arms, as she spread her legs in a brightly patterned swimsuit. The design blended a variety of different colors, including dark zebra-like print and light leopard print.

Notably, the top had a cutout at the bottom center, which left her chest exposed. In addition, the bottoms had a small, triangle design with straps that criss-crossed in front of her midriff.

Mena accessorized with a white, small-brimmed hat with a black ribbon. She kept her jewelry simple, forgoing a necklace, but rocking sparkling earrings and a bracelet on her right wrist.

She looked over to her left, and smiled slightly with her lips closed.

Fans sent Erica their love in the comments, with lots of people noticing her dark tan.

"That is a h*lluva Tan Mena," said a follower.

"D*mmm girl you are really tan... that's that Latin skin," noticed a fan.

"You tryna get as tan as possible for that wedding or you just living your best life? Lol," asked another follower.

For others, the photo inspired them to think of their own bikini bodies.

"Runs to the gym," joked a fan.

"It's time you come out with your own swimwear line," suggested an Instagram user.

Meanwhile, Erica's also shared a screenshot of Safaree's song, "Surgery." Not all of her fans were on board with the song, however.

"Erica know this shyt is whack, she just trying to support her mans uno, dos, tres lol," suggested a follower.

Others were willing to give it a shot.

"Gotta take a listen and see what's up... to certify or not to certify! That is the question... will let you guys know," added a fan, who has yet to follow up with their final thought.

Ever since there were rumors about her fiance, Safaree, allegedly cheating on Mena, many of her fans have been reluctant to give their stamp of approval. It's not rare to see comments that slam Safaree, as plenty of people seem to believe the rumors.