Camila Cabello Splits From Boyfriend Matthew Hussey After A Year

Camila Cabello attends Z100's Jingle Ball 2018.
Noam Galai / Getty Images

When pop star Camila Cabello first started her relationship with British dating coach Matthew Hussey, many were surprised. The duo are from different worlds and ended up meeting when they both appeared on Today. According to People, after a little over a year together, the duo have officially called it quits.

While the two kept their relationship on the down low for a while, Cabello did eventually spill about the man in her life. In Marie Claire, she absolutely gushed about Hussey and how he made her feel back in 2018.

“He’s so similar to me… in person, we’re just weird and silly and stupid together. He makes me the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.”

Things ultimately didn’t work out, although Cabello has been so busy with her career lately that she likely doesn’t have a lot of time to reflect on her failed relationship.

After teasing fans for quite some time, sharing a few behind-the-scenes shots on social media, Cabello recently released another song with pop star Shawn Mendes. Fans have wanted to see the duo collaborate again ever since they released the smash hit “I Know What You Did Last Summer” back in 2015, and they got their wish with “Señorita.”

Over the past four days, Cabello has been posting about her new single nonstop on social media. She’s shared behind-the-scenes clips from the creation of the song, sultry promo shots that show her and Mendes together, and much more. Fans were excited about the release, and all her posts about the new single received millions of likes on Instagram.

Many are commenting about how spicy the video is, including celebrities. Demi Lovato commented, “gtfo here this is SO STEAMY.”

Another fan remarked, “can someone look at me like Shawn looks at u.”

Though their chemistry in the video is undeniable and has many fans sweating, Cabello confessed that it wasn’t always easy on set.

As People reports, Cabello spilled the details in a live chat on YouTube.

“The whole music video was funny because we were both really nervous. I had to drink a lot of wine!”

While you’d never guess she was anything but confident, in the interview with Marie Claire, Cabello admitted that she has different personas when she performs versus when she’s just being herself.

“Basically, there’s the me that I really am, on the inside, which is the nerdy one — the kind of introverted, shy one — and then there’s the sexy, overly confident one, doing great dance moves and being super sassy.”