July 1, 2019
Farrah Abraham Goes Braless While Visiting A Weed Farm

Farrah Abraham has been keeping her Instagram fans entertained with a steady stream of posts, as usual. Her newest update, however, was different than all the rest, as she posed in front of a bunch of marijuana plants.

In the photo, Farrah was spotted going braless under a sheer top, which was cinched around her waist with a white cloth belt. She appeared to wear matching leggings and a pair of shorts. The shirt was casually tied very low, as she flaunted her cleavage for the photo. Abraham looked down and smiled, placing her left hand behind a plant.

The photo was geotagged in Los Angeles, California. While marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, its recreational use is legal in the state. The photo has received over 16,700 likes.

Prior to that, Farrah shared an Instagram video that showed her in action as she shot sultry photos. In parts of the video, she was spotted anywhere from going topless to fully nude. One of the most revealing outfits was arguably her neon outfit. She went completely nude underneath, which left little to the imagination. The video received a lot of traction, earning her over 306,000 views. And Abraham's fans likely noticed a familiar outfit or two in the clip, as she's already shared some of the results from the photo shoot.

A couple of days ago, Farrah shared a series of photos that were geotagged at the Burj Khalifa, which is in Dubai. The photo was stunning, as expected, as she stood in front of an incredible skyline that is sleek and futuristic.

Previously, Farrah Abraham opened up to Hollywood Life about her life and career. It gave fans a window into what her life can be like. In particular, she touched upon how she got kicked off of Bumble.

"For doing nothing! I was just in the friend and the business category, but they had a lot of people saying that I was a fake profile. I'm like, 'Aren't celebrities all using Bumble?'"
She also talked more about her dating life and what shaped it, especially in regards to her mother.

"I feel like my mom was putting on Christian marriage DVDs when she was over at my house. She wasn't even engaged or married yet at the time. But, she had this whole thing that I need to date. — That's good for her, but I also really like my alone time," she added.