Julianne Kissinger Dons A Dangerously-Tiny Bikini And Oils Her Body Up, Calls Herself A 'Snack'

When it comes to posting racy snaps on Instagram, Julianne Kissinger is among the most successful American bikini models on the photo-sharing website. In fact, a glance at her page shows that almost all of her pics are raunchy in nature. As a result, she has unsurprisingly 4.9 million followers on Instagram -- which is way more than many established, mainstream models.

Following her racy pic-posting ritual, the blond bombshell took to her page and teased her fans with a very sexy snap -- one which left her fans' jaws dropped. Wearing a see-through light blue bikini that struggled to contain her perfectly-round breasts, Julianne posed while standing next to a grill.

As she posed, Julianne proudly flaunted her small waist, taut stomach, and her enviable legs. What's more, the barely-there bikini bottom couldn't do a very good job in censoring her lady parts which made is a highly NSFW picture, but it obviously became a hot favorite among her fans.

Her body could be seen glistening because she applied some oil on it, particularly on her legs and breasts -- a move that sent a wave of excitement through her fans. The model's long tresses cascaded down her bare waist, while a few strands stopped just above the hottie's sizable bust. Per usual, she wore a full face of makeup to go with the outfit and ramp up the glam. She finished off her look with a pair of matching earrings and a bracelet to keep it simple yet sexy.

In the caption, Julianne informed her fans that she deliberately oiled up her body because "she is the snack." Although Julianne only talked about the oil in the literal sense, many of her fans started using sexual innuendos to flirt with the model -- something that Julianne doesn't seem to mind.

The picture gained a lot of traction, garnering close to 90,000 likes and up to 1,900 comments wherein fans expressed their admiration for the hot model in explicit terms. And all this happened within a few hours of having been posted, which shows that the said picture will receive more favorites and comments.

Prior to posting the said snap, Julianne left almost nothing to the imagination of the viewers by posting a pic wherein she could be seen donning a skimpy bikini. As the model struck a side pose, she flaunted major side boob, which not only stunned her followers, but also stopped non-followers in their tracks as they saw the picture on their IG news feed.

As The Inquisitr earlier noted, Julianne had previously shared a snap wearing the similar bikini but she struck a different pose.