Sommer Ray Just Showed What A ‘Gross Eater’ She Is And Instagram Loves It

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

For most celebrities, a mouth full of food and a camera don’t mix. Sommer Ray has made the bold move to share what a “gross eater” she is, and she’s used the words to caption her video. The fitness model’s 20.8 million Instagram followers now have a fresh update, a pigtailed car eater, and one more reason to keep following Sommer.

Sommer’s May 14 video shows her in a vehicle. She’s wearing a pink tee with a visible black seat belt chopping up the color. The focus is less on Ray’s wardrobe, though. The light-eyed beauty is jamming along to Lil Wayne without a care in the world as she enjoys what looks like an open bacon sandwich. Sommer takes an aggressive bite at the snack, chews with her mouth open, sings along to the music, and ultimately cracks a giant smile.

Fans are absolutely loving it. One left their thoughts in a comment.

“I love your face and your personality!! So much fun!!!

Another spotted common ground, per their words.

“Lol. I think I eat the same way”

While food proves immensely popular on celebrity Instagram accounts, footage of the individual actually consuming it is rare. A plucky Cardi B has done it with seafood – the silent Instagram video of Cardi working her way through lobster on a private jet has been viewed over 19 million times.

Sommer may not have fame on the Invasion of Privacy rapper’s level, but her following is anything but modest. This Instagram star has almost half as many followers as Cardi.

Personality seems to be a stand-out feature for Ray. Her selfie videos come braved with unflattering angles, they showcase spontaneous situations, and this is one lady who doesn’t edit the finish. At the same time, Ray exudes the sex appeal and femininity that is likely responsible for so many males deciding to hit “follow.”

Fitness-centric and often hilarious Instagram updates may be what fans receive, but Sommer’s endeavors go beyond the platform. The model has her own online store. Sommer Ray’s Shop sells swimwear and athleisurewear for both men and women. The monochrome, floral, or pastel gym items contrast sizzling bikini designs in leopard and camouflage prints, among others. Success in the modeling-turned-entrepreneur realm has already been seen by the likes of Emily Ratajkowski and Jordyn Woods.

As a hit Instagram star, Sommer is followed by some high-profile Hollywood faces. Bella Thorne and Blac Chyna both follow Ray’s account. Sommer is also followed by fellow models Lele Pons, Issa Vegas, and Tammy Hembrow.