Sailor Brinkley-Cook Goes Topless While Wearing Leopard-Print Bikini Bottoms

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Sailor Brinkley-Cooke thrilled her followers with her most recent Instagram share. The blonde posted a titillating photo which leaves little to the imagination – much to the pleasure of her fans. She showed some serious skin in a retro-inspired, black-and-white photo that she simply captioned, “Moonchild.”

The model has clearly taken to the Australian way of living. She is often spotted on the beach enjoying the sand and surf and seems to enjoy the casual Down Under lifestyle. In this particular Instagram image, she decided to make the most of the Aussie weather and went topless. She modestly covers her breasts with her hands while lifting her face to the sun in a moment of quiet reflection.

She opted for the wild and natural theme and chose to wear a leopard-print bikini bottom. The risqué thong bared a profile view of her firm and toned derrière. In fact, the 20-year-old was in fine form as she showed off her athletic physique to anyone who cared to look.

Brinkley-Cook wore a ring on her middle finger and large hoop earrings in the photo. Her blonde tresses cascaded down her back in tousled disarray as she gazed heavenward. In the background, boats were docked at the sandy shore while a grove of trees stood sentry.

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Sailor Brinkley-Cook is fast becoming one of the most recognized names in the fashion and modeling industry. The youngest daughter of supermodel Christie Brinkley was always going to be a force to be reckoned with. In fact, she signed a contract with the renowned international modeling agency IMG at the tender age of 15.

She already has a massive following who stalk the model’s social media pages frequently. Her 141,000 fan base loves her regular updates, bikini snaps, and exotic location shots. This particular photo has already racked up over 3,000 likes and many comments from followers who just had to compliment the blonde bombshell.

“A sculptor who created this sort of beauty once would retire soon afterward, knowing such inspiration could only arrive once. And that profile of your face, in particular, is breathtaking. Magnificent. Your mother has brought living art into the world (and not just once!)”

According to The Daily Mail, Brinkley-Cook and her boyfriend, Ben Sosne, indulged in some PDA while at the beach on Monday. The two have reportedly only been dating four months but have already enjoyed international vacations together.