Chanel West Coast Rocks Lingerie On Her Knees With A ‘Please F**k Off’ Mask Covering Her Eyes On Instagram

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Chanel West Coast shared a steamy Instagram photo a little over a week ago, which showed her posing on her knees on a bed. She wore black lingerie with a shimmery robe falling down her right shoulder. Notably, Chanel had an eye mask that read, “Please F**k Off” in cursive, as she touched her lips with her left middle finger. She wore her hair half-up, half-down, with two tight buns on the sides of her head. She joked that she was giving mixed signals.

Since then, West Coast has shared numerous photos and videos, many of which showed off her outfits. On February 15, she rocked the same hairdo as the one in the bed photo, except she wore a brightly-colored camo jacket. The jacket from Fashion Nova was pink, bright blue, and black. Chanel accessorized with black, oval-rimmed sunglasses and drop earrings.

And five days ago, Chanel shared a photo of herself rocking a pair of tight jeans as she went up a flight of stairs. She posed with her back to the camera, flaunting her derriere. She complemented the bottom with a black-and-yellow top and a tan-and-black handbag that she held with her left hand. Chanel looked over her left shoulder at the camera, and noted in the captions that the pants were also from Fashion Nova.

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I need a tan lol

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One of the struggles that Chanel has to come to terms with, is what seems like two sides to her personality. She noted to OK! Magazine about the discrepancy between the way she’s portrayed on the TV show Ridiculousness, versus her personality as a rapper. The differences, she believes, leads some people to question her work as an artist.

“Yes, I think that comes with being on the shows that I’ve been on for a long time. I’ve been on shows that are very comedic and happy and you really only get to see one side of my personality. They’re not shows about my life or my music, or my struggle or anything like that. They’re shows where you pretty much see me laughing and smiling all the time. So I don’t think people would understand that person that they see on these shows is also a rapper or a tough chick.”

Of course, it’s not necessarily such a bad thing that she’s known as comedic and happy. Her contagious and recognizable laugh has become a staple on Ridiculousness, and hopefully her true fans recognize both sides of her personality.