19-Year-Old Madison Beer Sports A Sparkly Bikini At The Beach On Thanksgiving

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Madison Beer spent her Thanksgiving in a skimpy and sparkly bikini as she hit the beach for the holiday on November 22. Per Daily Mail, the singer and actress was showing off some serious skin this week during a trip to Florida as she sported a pretty skimpy silver bikini while soaking up the sun on the sand.

Pictures shared by the site on November 22 show the “Hurts Like Hell” singer showing off her amazing bikini body as she enjoyed some downtime in the Sunshine State for the U.S. holiday while the New York native did some vacationing in Miami.

The up and coming star, who’s received very public support from Justin Bieber in the past, brought a little sparkle to the Miami beach in her silver two-piece that featured a fun shimmer material on both the top and the bottoms.

Madison was photographed walking along the sand with sunglasses on her head and also opted to accessorize her fun glitter bikini with gold hoop earrings, a gold necklace, and a bracelet on each hand.

Awaiting photographers then captured Beer slipping into a pair of denim daisy duke shorts as she walked away from the beach after taking a dip in the ocean while still flaunting her amazingly toned torso in her skimpy shimmery bikini top.

The latest bikini snaps come shortly after Madison was showing off her toned body in another two-piece this week.

As the Inquisitr previously shared, Beer was previously rocking a skimpy pink leopard light print bikini during a previous trip to a Miami beach as she soaked up some sun just before Thanksgiving.

But while the star has a seriously impressive bikini body, she previously admitted that her toned figure actually isn’t actually down to exercise and a lot of time in the gym.

Madison Beer attends the Pandora Presents: Pop Coast Hits
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Speaking to Look, Beer revealed that she’s actually not a big fan of hitting the gym and doesn’t even consider herself to be in the best shape, though she admitted that she does get her exercise in when she’s on stage performing for her fans.

“I could count on one hand how many times I’ve worked out,” Madison admitted to the site back in April, replying “absolutely not” when asked if she has a personal trainer.

“I walk up a flight of stairs and I’m fully winded like I’ve just ran a marathon but the tour is definitely helping me build up my stamina since I’m on stage every night,” she said.

Beer also confessed that she’s not too strict about what she puts into her body either, admitting that she eats a lot of junk food but does pull things back if she thinks she’s put on a little weight.

“Everytime I feel like I’m gaining a bit of weight I’ll eat healthily for like 3 days then I’ll be like ‘oh I look skinny again’, then I’ll go back to eating bad, but I tell myself it’s ok, I’m only 19 so I can do it while I can,” Madison said.