Stormy Daniels’ New Book Reveals Shocking Details Of Her Personal Life

Tara ZiembaGetty Images

If you thought adult film star Stormy Daniels’ recent life was dramatic enough, that’s nothing compared to some of the experiences that occurred before she revealed to the world her encounter with President Donald Trump. In her new memoir, Full Disclosure, available for purchase on October 2, Daniels gives, well, just that.

Before falling into the spotlight when it was discovered that Trump’s previous lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid her $130,000 in order to help cover up her affair with the then-candidate, Daniels (whose real name is Stephanie Clifford) fought many adversities that she shares in her new book, says CNN. Daniels describes experiencing heartbreaking parental neglect and sexual abuse growing up, which leads to the story of a smart girl who had to resort to sexual tactics to get ahead in life.

“The deck has always been stacked against me, but I own my story and the choices I made,” Daniels wrote in her book.

For those looking to read seedy details about her involvement with Trump, there will be plenty of that. But the book also divulges stories from her personal life that are shocking, such as the fact that her husband, Glendon Crain, became suicidal after her affair with Trump was revealed. Although she had not been with her husband at the time of the encounter, Crain was already shaky due to a traumatic childhood. It didn’t help that Daniels lied to him about the encounter before finally owning up to the truth.

“Look, I’m getting this money from Donald Trump because I was in a hotel with him,” Daniels recounted saying to Crain in the book. “Nothing happened, but his wife would get mad, and having dinner with a porn star would look bad.”

After the truth came out, Crain turned to alcohol to cope with his heavy emotions, reports Washington Examiner.

Because she made the choice to stand up and tell her story, her marriage to Crain dissolved and they filed for divorce in July 2018. Even while risking everything, Daniels still insists on telling her story.

“I had lived alone with the fear of being murdered to ensure my silence for so long that now that the world was discussing the death threats against me, I felt like I finally had some company in my concern,” Daniels wrote.

While Daniels has created a divisive conversation, some find it compelling.

“The most important thing about @stormydaniels book is not the description of her sex with Mr. Trump,” tweeted Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti. “It is instead her description of her life and role as a modern woman unafraid to speak truth to power.”