Kate Middleton Is ‘Extremely Bitter’ Over Meghan Markle, Queen’s Close Relationship, Reports ‘Life & Style’

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle may put on a united front as best they can when they are at public events these days, but rumors continue to swirl that things are frosty between the two women behind the scenes. One supposed point of contention is the relationship each of the ladies has with the Queen and it seems that the Duchess of Cambridge is feeling displaced as the Duchess of Sussex takes center stage.

Life & Style reports that Queen Elizabeth II has “really gotten to know Harry’s bride and finds her utterly charming.” The Queen is said to feel as if Meghan Markle is the perfect picture of how she sees the future of the monarchy and the two have looked quite close at multiple events together recently.

Unfortunately, this is reportedly making Kate Middleton feel increasingly displaced and pushed out of the picture. The timing probably isn’t ideal here, as the Duchess of Cambridge is officially on maternity leave after having her third child, Prince Louis, with Prince William. That means that Middleton isn’t doing as many events and public appearances as she normally would, and she isn’t anticipated to resume her full schedule again until the fall.

In the meantime, Markle is charming the Queen at every turn and the English monarch is said to find Meghan’s personality and style refreshing. Meghan isn’t wasting any time throwing herself into her new royal duties and she has had a number of opportunities available, especially with Kate’s maternity leave keeping her oftentimes out of the picture.

“The queen adores Meghan’s warm personality, intelligence, and sense of humor… Meghan has been to Buckingham Palace to have afternoon tea with the queen, and they gossip about all kinds of things, from Meghan’s charity work to stories about her acting career to how she’s adapting to royal life.”

As Meghan and the Queen grow closer and closer, Kate is supposedly “extremely bitter” over the shift in relationships. She has been in the family for much longer than Meghan, of course, but since the wedding, Closer Weekly notes that she is said to be feeling distanced from the Queen and pushed out of the picture.

Meghan is reportedly anxious about the chill she’s said to be receiving from Kate. At the same time, the new Duchess of Sussex is said to be thrilled to have the Queen’s support and she is quite eager to please her. Prince Harry and Prince William are supposedly frustrated by the tensions between their wives, and royal watchers will have to wait and see if Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle can set their discord aside and bond as many had hoped they would.