Mysterious Orb UFO Fleet Filmed Over Belarus, Proof Of Extraterrestrial Visitation, UFO Hunters Claim [Video]

UFO hunters have declared that footage apparently showing a fleet of glowing orb UFOs over the city of Minsk in Belarus is proof of alien UFO and ET visitation to Earth. But skeptics have suggested that the footage likely shows Chinese lanterns.

The footage, showing an alleged fleet of bright or glowing orb UFOs, was recorded over a motorway and later over tower blocks in the city of Minsk and uploaded to YouTube on May 25, 2016, by alien hunter Ovnis Actuales.

It has drawn the attention of members of the online UFO community some of whom have challenged skeptics to explain away what they claim to be undeniable evidence of extraterrestrial craft hovering over a city in Belarus.

“Where are all the trolls with their stupid explanations?” a UFO believer Rio Angel taunts skeptics. “When they see film like this they hide under rocks shaking.”

“Where are all the trolls with their stupid explanations? When they see film like this they hide under rocks shaking.”

Commenting on the bizarre daylight sighting, UFO blogger Scott C. Waring notes that glowing orb UFOs are among the most commonly sighted worldwide and in space. UFO hunters have often reported sighting orb UFOs near the International Space Station (ISS) in low Earth orbit.

“The most common UFOs seen are glowing large orbs,” he writes. “These light up and disappear almost in sync.”

“I wish we had more footage and more info about this one. It is awesome that the person stopped their car and got out to record this. It is not recorded through glass, but just a normal view from the side of the road,” he adds.

UFO hunters have noted that the footage is reminiscent of the sighting of a fleet of mysterious UFOs over the famous port city of Osaka, Japan, in July, 2015.

The Inquisitr reported at the time that the bizarre footage shot over Osaka shows a swarm of about 10 mysterious orb UFOs floating silently over the city.

The footage sparked endless debate and speculation among UFO enthusiasts. But many agreed that the difficulty encountered in interpreting the footage was due to its poor quality.

However, some viewers suggested that the orbs could be white-colored balloons floating in the wind. Others compared the sighting to orb UFOs that appeared over Hyde Park in London the previous month. Pointing attention to the similarities between both sightings some UFO enthusiasts suggested there could be a link.

Was there an alien race conducting systematic surveillance flights over selected cities, some enthusiasts wondered.

The sighting over Hyde Park also drew the attention of the mainstream media because the orbs appeared for a few seconds and disappeared mysteriously in a manner that suggested that they were not ordinary man-made objects, such as balloons or Chinese lanterns.

Some UFO enthusiasts argued that the disappearance was due to a phenomenon that UFO researchers term “cloaking,” a reference to technology allegedly employed by ET visitors to disguise or hide their UFOs and make them invisible to human observers.

A favorite method of “cloaking” employed by alien visitors, according to UFO researchers, involves disguising UFO spacecraft as lenticular clouds.

A sighting of glowing orb UFOs also occurred in January, 2015, over Western Massachusetts. Footage captured on January 19, 2015, which went viral online, showed an orb UFO hovering over a building. The mysterious orb then released what appeared to be a smaller orb which flew off in a different direction.

Then some seconds later in the video the orb UFO released more orbs.

However, some skeptics claimed that the video was a CGI hoax.

Recently, a witness in Fairbanks, Alaska, filmed a mysterious UFO releasing multiple orbs mid-air before disappearing mysteriously (see YouTube below).

Multiple sightings of glowing orbs releasing smaller orbs over several locations in the country have sparked speculation among members of the UFO community that a stealth alien invasion of Earth could be underway, and that an alien species could be dropping “landing pods” containing alien invaders over multiple locations as part of efforts to plant sleeper cells of alien invaders across the country.

UFO conspiracy theorists have always claimed that there are aliens living among us on Earth in disguise.

Skeptics have often tried to explain away sightings of glowing orb UFOs as Chinese lanterns, balloons, flares, or parachutes with lights.

“Yupp Chinese laterns, now we have SuperBrite LEDs, small lithium batteries and a helium filled balloon and you can have all sorts of fun.”

“Have these idiots ever heard of Chinese lanterns?”

But UFO hunters have scoffed at consistent attempts to explain away orb UFOs as Chinese lanterns, saying that while some sightings could be Chinese lanterns or similar man-made floating objects, not all cases could be explained so easily.

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