Footage Of Mysterious UFO Stalking International Space Station In Orbit Sparks Controversy [Video]

Footage surfaced recently on Russian social media purporting to show a mysterious UFO stalking the International Space Station (ISS) in low Earth orbit.

UFO hunters claim that the footage, purportedly captured last month by NASA cameras mounted outside the ISS, shows an alien UFO monitoring human activity in space. But skeptics have suggested that the object could be a chunk of space debris and others have raised questions about the authenticity of the footage.

According to UFO hunters, NASA cameras mounted on the body of the ISS captured the strange UFO stalking the space station in orbit as astronauts onboard prepared to receive delivery of supplies from Earth.

The mysterious UFO can be seen in the footage behind a Russian Soyuz spacecraft transporting astronauts from Earth to the space station.

UFO hunters who first spotted the mysterious object lurking behind the Soyuz spacecraft near the ISS were baffled to sight a large unknown object floating dangerously close to the ISS. The sighting sparked a debate on Russian social media, with UFO hunters proffering various theories to explain the mysterious UFO.

Many UFO hunters declared the footage the latest evidence of alleged alien UFO activity near the ISS in orbit. UFO hunters claim that frequent sightings of unexplained flying objects near the ISS prove that the space station is being visited by alien UFOs. Some conspiracy theorists have suggested that the nations managing the ISS as a joint project are using the space station as a safe place to meet secretly with alien species.

According to some theorists, the U.S. owes its military-technological superiority in the post-World War II era to exclusive alliances with advanced technological alien races. The U.S., according to conspiracy theorists, inherited the alliances from the Nazis through Operation Paper Clip.

Pressure from other nations, such as the EU nations of Russia and Japan, to share with the U.S. in the benefits of alien technology, led to the launching of the ISS project as a joint venture between five major global space agencies, namely, NASA (U.S.), ESA (EU), Roscosmos (Russia), JAXA (Japan) and CSA (Canada), some alien conspiracy theorists claim.

But skeptics have tried to debunk the footage by noting that the quality is poorer than the normal HD quality of footage recorded by ISS cameras and thus that it is likely a hoax. But some UFO hunters countered, saying that the footage could be a low quality copy of the original HD footage.

The International Space Station, ISS, in 2007 [Image via NASA/Wikimedia/Public Domain]
Skeptics also argued that an important clue that the footage is a hoax comes from the fact that the soundtrack of the footage does not record the ISS astronauts commenting on the presence of a large UFO approaching dangerously close to the space station. Again, conspiracy theorists responded, arguing that the UFO may have been trailing the ISS for some time before the footage started and thus the astronauts may have stopped commenting about it by the time the footage started.

Other conspiracy theorists pointed out that given the high frequency of sightings of UFOs around and near the ISS, the astronauts are used to seeing alien UFOs approach the space station and thus may have no comments to make about the close approach of yet another one.

A few skeptics argued that the alleged UFO was probably a piece of space debris.

“Debris from the ISS will have roughly the same speed. It is a thermal insulation board, most likely,” a Russian viewer, Kirill Poilishchuk, suggested.

But some viewers argued that the presence of the UFO close to the Russian Soyuz spacecraft suggests it could a “companion vessel” to the Soyuz spacecraft. Yet others suggested it could be a cargo vessel or capsule loaded with waste from the ISS and launched into space. For instance, the Cygnus Cargo vessel carrying waste from the ISS was launched recently into space. The vessel will fly back into the Earth’s upper atmosphere where it is expected to burn up during re-entry.

This is not the first time that UFO hunters have reported sighting a UFO close to the ISS. Going by the claims of UFO hunters, the alien UFO traffic around the ISS must be very heavy.

The Inquisitr reported in November, 2015, that UFO hunters reported spotting an orb UFO in NASA’s live stream from the ISS. The UFO, according to alien hunters, appeared to be shadowing the ISS in orbit. Prolific UFO hunter Streetcap1, who first reported the sighting, claimed that NASA attempted to cover up evidence of the UFO by interrupting the live video after the UFO appeared (see video below).

The Inquisitr also reported a major uproar among alien and UFO conspiracy theorists in January, 2015, after some researchers accused NASA of cutting the ISS live stream to hide the presence of a mysterious UFO that appeared from beyond the Earth’s horizon. As the mysterious UFO came into view and approached the ISS, the live video transmission cut abruptly and a message appeared that NASA was having technical difficulties, a statement that conspiracy theorists say is a code for “we don’t want you to see UFO activity near the ISS.”

“NASA did it again. A UFO shows up on live public Internet cam and NASA takes it off line,” the UFO blogger Scott Waring declared in exasperation. “Who here is surprised by this? If you are, you are new here. UFOs are caught by researchers on a weekly basis and NASA does cut the line when they catch them. However, the eggheads at NASA are not always focused on the screen and miss a lot of very interesting and sometimes very highly detailed UFOs.”

But skeptics have accused UFO conspiracy theorists of harboring needless paranoia, saying there is no evidence that NASA is trying to hide UFOs from the public.

[Image via NASA/Wikimedia/Public Domain]