Mysterious Glowing Orb UFO Drops Multiple ‘Pods’ Over Fairbanks, Alaska, Re-Ignites Stealth Alien Invasion Rumors [Video]

Footage showing a mysterious glowing orb hovering in the sky over Fairbanks, Alaska, and releasing multiple smaller orbs mid-air before disappearing has sparked excitement among members of the online UFO community. UFO enthusiasts are touting the latest footage as the best example of a series of nearly identical clips released recently showing orb UFOs dropping smaller “pods” at several locations across the country.

The recent slew of clips allegedly showing orb UFOs dropping “landing pods” across the country sparked rumors among members of the UFO community that a secret alien invasion of Earth by possibly hostile alien races could be underway, the Inquisitr reported in February.

The latest footage was uploaded online on May 13, 2016, by YouTube user Jared A, a security officer in Fairbanks, Alaska. Jared began filming after he noticed a bright light in the sky at about 3 a.m. during a routine patrol in Fairbanks.

For about five minutes, he filmed the mysterious glowing orb floating in the air and releasing smaller orbs.

The clip shows the extraordinary moment that the UFO appears to release multiple orbs over Fairbanks. The first orb was released at the 1:30 mark in the footage and two other orbs were released at 2:30.

Jared exclaims in awe as the UFO releases two smaller orbs in succession.

The glowing orb appears to split into three. The three orbs assume a triangle formation. One of the orbs drops earthward rapidly, but all three fade gradually and disappear.

The awestruck witness appears to suggest that the orb looks like a craft dropping smaller surveillance crafts or drones.

“Wow! They are putting out drones man. Scouting the area I guess.”

“The phone does not do it justice, but it was brighter and just simply amazing to see,” he commented on Reddit.

The footage is going viral online having received nearly 10,000 views on the witnesses’ channel alone. A few UFO interest channels, including UFO News, have also uploaded copies.

The footage has sparked speculation among UFO enthusiasts, with many touting it as the best in recent times showing an alien UFO hovering in the sky and dropping “pods” to the ground.

“This is a good example of how to record a UFO Sighting.

“Wow just wow! I wish I could see alien already it’s my biggest dream.”

Skeptics have been unable to explain away the latest footage as a hoax.

“This one is truly confusing,” one said.

But some skeptics suggested it actually shows space debris entering the Earth’s atmosphere and breaking up.

However, UFO hunters pointed out the remarkable similarity between the footage and several other clips uploaded online recently showing glowing orbs dropping what appear to be “landing pods” over multiple locations across the U.S.

The Inquisitr reported in February that multiple identical footage showing UFOs dropping or jettisoning smaller orbs over several locations in the U.S. caused researchers to raise alarm that a stealth invasion of Earth could be underway.

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has received several remarkably similar clips recently showing glowing or flashing orbs hovering in the sky and breaking into smaller pieces that drop or fall to the ground in a manner that suggests a large UFO releasing a landing pod.

The Inquisitr reported that UFO hunters suggested that the slew of sightings documented on video by unrelated witnesses from different parts of the country suggest alien invaders are secretly establishing sleeper cells in different parts of the county.

For instance, the footage below, uploaded to YouTube by MUFON on February 12, 2016 (Case 52934), was captured over Boise, Idaho, by a witness driving home with his wife on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2013.

The clip, which appears to show a stealth orb UFO dropping a “landing pod,” was corroborated independently by two other witnesses who observed the same incident from separate locations.

The first witness (Case 52934) described the orb as glowing in the sky with a red light. He called his wife’s attention to it. She suggested that they pull over and watch. After observing for several minutes, the witness rushed home to fetch his video camera and managed to capture the final moments when the orb dropped a smaller flashing orb to the ground.

The witness filmed as the “landing pod” dropped slowly from the larger glowing orb, after which the light of the larger orb faded gradually and disappeared.

A second resident of Boise also reported seeing the glowing UFO hovering in the sky. In his testimony, filed as Case 52930, the orb hovered for more than three minutes before it dropped a smaller orb to the ground.

“This really freaked me out. I watch the sky all of the time and have never seen anything like this before.”

A third witness (Case 52942) also reported seeing a UFO releasing an orb that fell to the ground.

The Inquisitr reported earlier on February 12, 2016, a nearly identical case (Case 53762) involving a witness from Spokane Valley in Washington, who saw a UFO with an orange-red glow at about 7 p.m. on January 26, 2016. He watched as the UFO dropped a smaller orb to the ground.

According to the witness, the larger orb flew eastward and disappeared after it had dropped the smaller orb.

“The object stopped, flashed very brightly several times and then discarded something,” the witness said. “There was glowing discharge from the bottom of the object. The object lost brightness intensity and then slowly went away.”

UFO hunters analyzing the footage at the time suggested that the mysterious orb may have been an alien craft releasing a “landing pod” or an escape capsule.

A nearly identical sighting was also reported over California in January 2015. A witness sighted and filmed a mysterious glowing orb dropping another orb as it streaked across the sky.

Members of the UFO community claim that aliens live secretly among us. They cite testimonies by former high-ranking government military officials and scientists (see below) to back claims that aliens disguised as humans live on Earth.

According to Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian defense minister, the world’s leaders know that extraterrestrial beings, such as the Greys, Pleiadians, and evil Reptilian aliens, live among us and influence global politics.

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