Mysterious White UFO Orbs Filmed Swarming Over Osaka, Japan [Video]

JohnThomas Didymus - Author

Jul. 29 2015, Updated 12:08 p.m. ET

Footage shot recently in Japan shows 10 white UFO orbs floating and bobbing as they swarmed across the sky over the port city of Osaka.

The two-minute clip that shows the bizarre sighting has gone viral online, with comments about an “alien swarm” over the famous Japanese city.

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The UFOs can be seen moving across the sky in an erratic pattern. Viewers have speculated endlessly over what the bright white orbs could be, but the puzzle of the sighting remains unsolved due largely to the poor quality of the video.

Some viewers have suggested that the UFOs could be white-colored balloons bobbing in the wind, due to some form of local wind turbulence.

However, others have noted that the orbs closely resemble UFOs that appeared last month over a concert in Hyde Park, London. The similarity of the two sightings has caused some UFO enthusiasts to speculate that there could be a link. Some suggest that an alien race could be conducting observation or surveillance flights over selected Earth cities.

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However, as RT notes, the sighting over the city of London has significant distinguishing marks from the Osaka incident. The UFOs that appeared over Hyde Park were visible to observers only for a brief moment, while the Osaka sighting lasted several minutes.

It remains a mystery how the orbs that appeared over London disappeared into thin air within seconds. But the mystery has sparked more speculation among alien and UFO enthusiasts, who claim that technologically advanced alien visitors have the ability to “cloak” their flying crafts, making them invisible to human observers.

For instance, UFO enthusiasts often claim that aliens take advantage of cloud cover to conceal their spacecrafts. Alien visitors also allegedly exploit the saucer-like shape of certain types of clouds, called “lenticular clouds,” to disguise their flying saucers in cloudy sky.


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