UFO Orbs Captured On Video Flying In Formation Into Erupting Calbuco Volcano In Chile

The Calbuco volcano, one of the most active in Chile, located in the Llanquihue National Reserve in the Los Lagos Region, erupted for the first time in nearly four decades, forcing the evacuation of about 4,000 residents.

In the midst of the upheaval following eruption of the volcano, UFO enthusiasts are claiming that a local news channel covering the eruption unintentionally captured on video a formation of white UFO orbs flying through plumes of smoke into the volcano.

The alleged UFOs may be seen by stopping the video at 0:11. The YouTube UFO hunter Dahb00777, who apparently first spotted the UFOs, claims that the white objects in the video are actually UFOs flying very fast through thick plumes into the volcano.

However, many skeptics will scoff at the suggestion and assume that the five white “objects” are only incidental flaws in the video.

Nevertheless, Scott Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily, notes that South American volcanoes have a long history of association with UFOs. So frequent are claims of UFO sightings by online UFO hunters that many enthusiasts believe that aliens use active volcanoes as safe bases for crafts.

“Most UFO researcher, including myself, do believe that some volcanoes around the world that are harder for humans to access contain alien bases 4-6km below the surface, and that they use the mouth of the volcano as an easy entrance/exit.”

This is not the only claim of a UFO sighting near the Calbuco volcano following its latest eruption. The video below shows an alleged UFO watching the eruption.

The alleged sightings come as Chilean authorities issued an order for evacuation of an area 20 km (12 miles) around the site of the eruption. About 4,000 people were evacuated, according to BBC News.

UFO Orbs Fly Into Erupting Calbuco Volcano

Although the Calbuco volcano is one of the most active in Chile, its eruption was unexpected. According to BBC News, the volcano erupted without warning.

Following the eruption, the authorities declared a red alert and ordered an evacuation.

Footage shows a huge column of lava and ash rising several kilometers into the atmosphere. The column, which was visible for miles, generated anxiety in nearby communities.

Residents of nearby Ensenada and two other smaller communities were ordered to leave. The town of Puerto Varas was placed under red alert. The eruption covered the city of Puerto Montt in clouds of ash. People rushed to buy food and formed long queues at filling stations.

A local resident said exclaimed, “I had never seen this before.”

“It scares you in the beginning. You start to wonder what is going to happen to you. Everyone starts to think about gathering water and I don’t know what. We got together with the neighbors to see what we would do and wait for news over the radio because we knew that they were evacuating Ensenada and other places near the volcano.”

Chile has one of the largest numbers of potentially active volcanoes — about 500 — second only to Indonesia.

The eruption of Calbuco volcano comes after the Villarrica volcano, also located in southern Chile, erupted in March.

[Featured Image: YouTube/Dahb0077 via UFO Sightings Hotspot; UFO Sightings Daily]

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