UFOs Releasing Glowing Orbs Again? UFO Orbs Seen Hovering Above Western Massachusetts

Following the recent UFO phenomena that seem to be sweeping across the U.S., footage captured by two individuals shows what looks like a glowing UFO hovering above Massachusetts on Monday, January 19.

The video, which seems to have been shot at night, shows a round, pulsing light flying above the buildings. The UFO then released what looked like a smaller orb, which flew off in the other direction. The video continues with another scene where, seemingly, the same pulsing light releases two more orbs. The final footage in the video (recorded during the day this time) shows what appears to be the same UFO once again releasing an orb.

Two separate individuals from Western Massachusetts were said to have captured the footage, and later provided the video to a YouTube user to post on his channel. According to the uploader, as per the request of the two persons, some of the footage was removed to protect them from being seen on camera.

A few days before, similar orb-like UFOs were spotted above Western Massachusetts, creating what seemed to have been a formation of some kind.

According to YouTuber, Bobby Johnson, he videotaped the UFOs from a rooftop, which shows a large, circular glowing orb hovering above street lights, homes, and traffic. As the video progresses, one by one, the large orb seems to drop or release smaller versions of itself down toward the ground. But, instead of hitting the ground, each of the small orbs stops, hovers, and then moves to the left or the right, taking up positions in the sky until a total of six objects are just sitting there.

The two end objects move horizontally left and right away from the others, leaving three smaller orbs hovering in the air below the initial still-hovering large light. Then, the two remaining end orbs move slowly away, with just one small glowing object hanging in the air underneath the larger one. Finally, the large UFO moves slowly down and merges with the small one.

The video ends with the large object growing larger in its glow until it finally vanishes.

It’s been speculated that the videos are not authentic and may have been doctored, with former FBI special agent Ben Hanson advising that the latter video “was most likely created on computer software and then filmed off the computer or a TV monitor.”

“Some hoaxers will do this because it’s an easy way to simulate camera shake and to cause the camera to adjust focus in a more natural way as you would expect if this really happened on camera,” Hansen told the Huffington Post.

“It’s evident the audio was ripped from other sources as demonstrated by the reaction of the woman toward the end who exclaims, ‘It’s orange! It’s orange!’ Never at any time did the UFO objects in question turn any shade of orange. They remained bright white throughout the sighting. In law enforcement, we call this a clue.”

What are your thoughts on these recent UFO videos? Real or just another swindle?

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