Rumors: Zayn Malik Going Hollywood, Life Is Falling Apart

Fans of Zayn Malik have been so focused on his break up that they may not have noticed that he has basically moved to Los Angeles — and some say he is showing signs his life will soon fall apart.

Over the past two weeks, there have been several references to Zayn Malik in Los Angeles, and it appears that he has plenty of good reasons to consider making America a permanent move. But will Zayn Malik look back and see his move to Los Angeles as a sign of the end?

The idea that Zayn Malik might be moving to Los Angeles seems obvious when he is rapidly burning a lot of bridges with his former life in England. These burnt bridges are not only related to the fact that Zayn Malik left One Direction at the end of March.

For example, three weeks ago, Zayn Malik burned bridges with Naughty Boy. This action surprised fans because everyone thought that Zayn Malik and Naughty Boy were a dynamic duo set up for the next phase of his musical career.

Of course, the biggest bridge that Zayn Malik burned was with his longtime girlfriend and fiancee, Perrie Edwards. Interestingly, when the news hit that Zayn Malik and Perrie were through, both of them were in Los Angeles.

As the first week of August ends, Perrie Edwards is in America with her band, Little Mix, doing a promotional tour. Entertainment Weekly claims that Perrie was also using that time to get close to another man that was not Zayn Malik. People said Perrie took things one step further and unfollowed Zayn Malik on social media on August 7.

Keep in mind that Perrie might have good reasons to have disdain for Zayn Malik since it is alleged that he broke up with her via text. For that reason, perhaps Perrie has a good excuse to spend her spare time at Disneyland.

However, if Zayn Malik is burning bridges, who exactly does he expect to be friends with? As it seems, there is plenty of evidence to show who Zayn Malik would be friends with if he moved to Los Angeles.

For example, Zayn Malik was recently caught using social media to contact one of the most famous of all Los Angeles families — the Kardashians. The Daily Mail and the Mirror caught Zayn Malik several times in Los Angeles out on the town and in the clubs with potential friends.

Zayn Malik was also photographed signing a big contract with RCA at the end of July with his arms around two guys that he will likely be spending more time with in Los Angeles.

Adding to that, Zayn Malik also seems to be forging a new type of friendship with Simon Cowell. Venture Capitalist Post wrote the following on August 7.

“It looks like the former One Direction member, Zayn Malik is ready to kick off his solo career now that Simon Cowell’s got his back… sources say that Malik is very thankful of Simon Cowell for hooking him up in RCA’s record deal. Cowell somehow feels that RCA was the best place for Malik and took to Twitter to congratulate Malik.”

Regardless, we cannot forget who Zayn Malik used to be best friends with not so long ago. As it appears, his old best friend in One Direction will soon be spending a lot of time in Los Angeles.

Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson allegedly spoke on the phone around the first of August and cried over the things they shared.

Louis Tomlinson is going to have a baby soon, and it appears that he will be spending the early part of 2016 in Los Angeles. There were rumors at one time that Louis Tomlinson was buying a home in a gated community for his new child and the child’s mother in Los Angeles.

Naturally, it would be extremely convenient for Louis Tomlinson if Zayn Malik was right around the corner, ready to offer support as a friend during the difficult first years of raising a child.

Is all of this a sign that Zayn Malik will leave England behind and “go Hollywood” — or go in a different direction completely? For now, fans can only watch history unfold in front of them and hope that Zayn Malik is making the best decisions for his new solo career.

Otherwise, as Time pointed out on August 7, Zayn Malik’s career could fizzle like Justin Timberlake’s did.

Worse, as the Sun columnist Katie Hopkins says, all of these burnt bridges and changes in Zayn Malik’s life are signs that his life is in the process of falling apart — and that he is on the wrong side of the definition of “going Hollywood.”

The Mirror quotes Katie Hopkins on August 7 as stating the following about the possible ugly side of Zayn Malik’s new future.

“He is in freefall. I’m no psychic, but if we don’t in the very near future see pictures of Zayn naked and bloated, running barefoot round the M25 [Motorway in London] with an electric toothbrush up his bottom and crying for his mum, I’ll eat my hat.”

[Feature image via Kevin Mazur/Getty Images]