Lil Wayne Fans Get Extra Security For Club Appearances: Danville Versus Atlanta

Lil Wayne has been dealing with drama on several fronts — all while he is still on tour. It’s interesting that, according to Lil Wayne’s management team, he is actually doing club appearances in addition to shows at the same time — but is anyone taking time to make sure these clubs are safer than the one in Atlanta?

Is doing appearances at clubs safe for Lil Wayne and his fans? Because Lil Wayne is at clubs and not arenas, security usually falls to the club owners (and not Lil Wayne).

There is a lot of security at larger arena performances for Lil Wayne concerts, but it appear that sometimes things get a bit out of hand at Lil Wayne club shows.

Hot New Hip Hop reports that Lil Wayne got in a fight with fans at an Atlanta club in the hours before his tour bus was shot up by a mystery perpetrator. Will this continue to be a pattern for Lil Wayne club shows? Is Lil Wayne unwelcome in the communities where these clubs exist?

As it appears, Lil Wayne’s club appearance in Danville, Illinois, has been covered repeatedly in the media — over a month before he actually performs.

On Twitter, fans are saying, “Danville is treating this Lil Wayne appearance like the Messiah is returning.” This tweet is in response to over four articles printed by the local media in Danville during mid-May about the Lil Wayne performance.

In particular, the Danville News Gazette titled their article “Lil Wayne’s visit is a big deal,” and states that “A Grammy-winning rap star [Lil Wayne] performing at a club just across North Walnut Street from a Habitat for Humanity store? With VIP passes set to go on sale in four days — not via Ticketmaster — but at Downtown Diamond and Pawn?”

Despite this, the big deal about the Lil Wayne show in Danville may be the emphasis on security. The event is booked for June 23 at Studio 25 Nightclub, and organizer, musician, and club promoter Melvin Staple defends his choices with the Lil Wayne show. Staples told reporters that he is fronting the money (with others) for an “appearance” by Lil Wayne, who will perform a few songs.

But will security be an issue in Danville like it might have been at the Atlanta club where Lil Wayne was shot at? Staple stated that his label, 17 Shotz Entertainment, “has hired a 25-member firm to join Studio 25’s and Lil Wayne’s own security teams and two local uniformed police officers who’ll be brought in to work the event.”

Staple concluded his quote about Lil Wayne and improved security at the show with “We’ve got zero tolerance for any ignorance.”

Staple also lists ticket prices for the Lil Wayne Danville show from $65 to $200 for VIP all-access passes. In contrast, Lil Wayne’s recent club performance at Foxtails, in Las Vegas, offered similar benefits — but cost between $110 (for general admission) and $14,000.

To watch the next Lil Wayne performance, keep in mind that, although Lil Wayne’s larger tour performances are listed nationally on places like Ticketmaster, the smaller club tours are not usually listed online in association with tickets to Lil Wayne arena concerts.

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