Donald Trump Blames Joe Biden for the Hamas Attack: “He Betrayed Israel”

Donald Trump Blames Joe Biden for the Hamas Attack: “He Betrayed Israel”
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Scott Eisen; (Inset): Kevin Dietsch

Former President Donald J. Trump is blaming his successor, Joe Biden, and his administration for the Hamas attack on Israel. Trump slammed the 80-year-old and his policies amid the catastrophic situation in Israel, one of the United State's closest allies, claiming Biden has "betrayed" Israel. 

Image Source: Getty Images | Scott Eisen
Image Source: Getty Images | Scott Eisen

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The Republican cited examples of his "successful" decision to scrap the nuclear deal with Iran and the Muslim travel ban. Trump claimed he would have handled the tragedy better than his successor, Biden. He boasted, "When I was Commander in Chief, we reduced the Iranian economy to rubble," reported Daily Mail.

"I withdrew from the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, imposed the toughest-ever sanctions on the regime, and imposed a strict TRAVEL BAN to keep Radical Islamic Terrorists the hell out of our country," Trump continued. The 2024 presidential hopeful was addressing his supporters in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. 



Hamas militants launched the most fatal attack on Israel in decades. The fighters crossed into Israel from the Gaza Strip, targeting houses, cars, and military bases and killing an estimated 700 Israelis along with nine Americans. Some reports have pointed fingers at an alleged Iran link to the Hamas attack, however, the US and Israeli officials remain uncertain citing a lack of evidence, per Politico. Trump, meanwhile, has accused Biden of providing funds to Iran, citing a $6 billion transfer and blaming the US foreign policy for invasion.

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"Joe Biden BETRAYED Israel," accused Trump and cleared he would "once again stand strongly with the state of Israel." The 77-year-old alleged, "Joe Biden undid all of it and gave billions of dollars to the world's top sponsor of terror, tossing Israel to the bloodthirsty terrorists and jihadists." 


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The billion dollars that Trump talked about was paid in exchange for freeing five Americans and was part of a deal the United States did with Iran. Biden administration clarified the funds are limited to humanitarian purposes and no other transfers have been made. The 45th president tore into Biden after the latter issued a statement on Israel. 

As Republicans continue to blame the Democrats for tragedy in Israel, Biden says, "The United States stands with the state of Israel," adding that he has already spoken with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. "My administration's support for Israel's security is rock solid and unwavering," clarified Biden. 



However, Trump insisted it was "our country's perceived weakness with an incompetent and corrupt leader" that led to the terrorist invasion. Alongside, he said that Biden is "laughed at all over the world." There are other Republicans who also blame Biden for the current Hamas versus Israel war and the Middle East catastrophe in general. 

The 77-year-old criticized, "Less than 4 years ago, we had PEACE in the Middle East with the historic Abraham Accords—today we have an all-out war on Israel. What a difference a President makes!" Spearheading his political rival, Trump promised that if re-elected, he would "re-impose the travel ban on terror-afflicted countries so that the bloodshed and killing we saw this week will NEVER reach American soil."



Biden's campaign hit back, "With each and every lie, Donald Trump further proves he is too dangerous to lead the United States on the world stage," adding, "The generals and other military leaders who served under Trump have repeatedly said he made our country less safe, not more," per NBC

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